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A novel in which men and women plot against each other

2018-03-13 01:36:46

A calculating novel in which men and women compete with each other. The following are ancient sayings.




Princess Kefu: Also known as Princess peerless. The male master is a sick beautiful man, and the female master is the princess who has been kef to the male master.


I have a disease: queen, male Prime minister. Mostly the guy tricked the girl into falling in love with him. The ending is also happy and sad, although the final male master went. But people live and die. And it really is the best ending for me, so I won't give away the plot here. Personally, I don't think the whole article is very sadistic,


Blood Wei: It is said to be very abusive. The ending is to be. The man and the woman killed each other. Think it's a pity and the best ending.


Huang song glittering: author egrets into pairs. The author's article seems good. It's worth a look. Through through the palace novels


Fengqi Chen Palace: also belongs to the mutual calculation of the text. I haven't read this article, I may be mistaken,


Gu Fang does not admire oneself: is called this name is not, is the time station is broadcasting that,, also belongs to this kind of novel. I don't feel much interest in TV novels.