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About, 6-day tour with the group experience explanation

2018-04-04 17:36:18

Bai Autonomous Prefecture, located in the central and western parts of the province, is near to the east, near to the south, connected to the west, and connected to the north. When we went, it was after the April Qingming Festival in 2012, the hometown was still cold in spring, and we fully felt the climate of spring in the four seasons, and the change from winter clothes to spring clothes. It is said that there are relatively few visitors in winter, but it is a good time to enjoy the Cangshan snow, and there is a chance to enjoy the winter. Since we start with the tour group from our hometown, the cost will be relatively high, so we choose to book the air tickets in advance, and consider finding a group or self-guided tour when we arrive. Flight around 5:00 a.m., boarding at Liuting Airport. On the way, I will turn around at the airport, rest for a few minutes, and board again, plus the turnaround waiting time, a total of about 5 hours. After getting off the plane, because we were not familiar with the outside world, taking into account security factors, we gave up the plan of self-guided tour and prepared to find a tour group (experienced friends can choose self-guided tour, but for friends who are unfamiliar with the region and have no self-guided tour experience, it is best to follow the group), we talked about the group arrangement in a tour group at the airport by the way, and the trip started from the next day. So in the remaining time of the day, I will make my own arrangements. Here I want to mention in particular, the choice of tour price is very important, do not choose too cheap price, when we negotiate with it, we especially emphasized not forced shopping projects, we are three thousand yuan a person, the price is not high not low is appropriate, later know, there is no forced shopping, the quality of the tour guide is very good, but, Some shopping items are required to be included in the itinerary. This is also the drawback of the group, can not choose independently, because the bus travel is according to the contract route, the stay time is not controlled by themselves, for friends who love photography, it will have some regrets. So, want to tour from another perspective, tour, have the ability to recommend the best self-help tour, that is not the same experience. The World Horticultural Expo, spare time can go to see it, the ticket is about 100. In the evening, the square is quiet and prosperous. In the leisure time is relatively long, you can go out to the city after the trip is set, sit on the bus shopping, feel the freedom of floating around in a strange city. Find yourself a trip to rest for a night, the next day tour sent a car to pick up, the train ticket tour group has helped to buy, about 7 or 8 hours to arrive, according to the time arranged by the tour group, the train is mostly at night, not to delay the day to play, but also reasonable. The train sleeps on three floors and arrives in one sleep. Upon arrival, transfer to tour bus. The first attraction is the Tenryu Hachibu Castle. I won't go into details here, but the last few pictures. Because I was in a hurry, I didn't take many photos. Please forgive me. After visiting the city, it is noon time to arrive at the rest station with the group, have lunch and rest ~ in the afternoon, transfer to the sightseeing battery car, and go to the legendary Foreigner Street. Get off on foot, walk in the people coming and going foreigners street, do not have an exotic style. The pace is hurried, the people are bustling, and the photos taken are not many, slightly crude, but the real feeling is still retained in the heart, these streets, if not time is in a hurry, really should stop and watch slowly. Many exquisite, elegant and unique. To rival. This special snack is called milk fan, fried golden crispy, made of cheese, smells of light milk, but it tastes too heavy, around me like to drink pure milk people, but also on this strong smell can not agree, fortunately did not buy too much, probably some friends will like this taste. Next stop, head to Butterfly Spring. In the following photos, this square pool of about 50 square meters, the spring water is green and clear as a mirror, which is Butterfly Spring. By the edge of the spring was a shade like a cover. There was a tall old tree lying on the spring. This was the Butterfly Tree. It is said that every year at the turn of spring and summer (especially April 15), there will be a large number of butterflies gathered in the spring, flying all over the sky. Thousands of colorful butterflies, with each other, upside down butterfly tree, forming numerous strings, hanging and the water surface, magnificent. Unfortunately, when we went, we could not find such a beautiful scenery. Only in the butterfly world closed a few warm box hatching butterflies, nowadays, butterflies seem to be less and less. This is the butterfly world inside. Butterfly Spring Park ~~ everywhere there are mandola flowers in full bloom ~ the next scenic spot is Erhai, personally feel that the most beautiful place is nothing but Cangshan, Erhai. Take a cruise for a view. The water of Erhai Lake is green and the sky of Erhai Lake is clear and blue. Cruise ship arrived in Nanzhao country style island, get off the ship to rest. Clear water, cool breeze, walking on the shore, stepping on the colorful pebbles, the mood began to brighten...... Today's introduction to this, the next article begins the introduction journey.