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Buy train tickets online

2018-05-14 08:00:53

Buying train tickets is the most worrying thing for people who travel during holidays, and look at the long queue at the railway station to buy tickets. It's okay, the popularity of the network has brought great convenience to travel, and you can still buy train tickets without leaving home.


Networked computer


Register and log in

This page is taken from experience without authorization


If you encounter the prompt "There is a problem with this website's security certificate", choose to continue browsing this page (while we install the root certificate), and then enter the registration.


After registration, log in to After login, enter "my 12306", you can verify both ways, add commonly used people and so on. When you're done, you can buy tickets.

Add trust certificate

Go to the home page of 12306 and see the announcement at the top. Click to download the root certificate. After the download is complete, open it and you can see the installation instructions of the installation program.


Click Installer and select: Open - Install certificates - Go to Certificate Import and select Next - Select place all certificates in the following store - Click Browse - Select Trusted Certificate Authority - Next.


Go to the next step to confirm your options, finally pop up the following page, select "Yes", and then all are OK.

Buy ticket

Find the ticket in the home page, click to enter the ticket page, select your departure, destination, travel time, you will see the train number, ticket information, etc., select the train number suitable for your trip click "booking".


After entering the booking page, you select the people who need to travel, if the usual people do not choose to add people, select the seat of the ticket you purchased, and submit the order.


After submission, you will be asked to confirm the information, see that you are not wrong to confirm, enter the unpaid page. If you want to pay online, go to the online payment page and select the bank you want to pay.


No need to open online banking, open SMS notification function to complete the payment.


You can "change" or "refund" your booked ticket in the "Untraveled Orders" section 30 minutes before you leave.


Buying a sleeper online does not allow you to choose a lower berth. There are elderly, children, pregnant women and other passengers, if you submit the order and see that it is not the lower bunk, you can cancel the order and buy again, you may be able to buy. Note: You can't buy tickets if you cancel three times a day.

Matters needing attention

Refunds and changes must be made 30 minutes before departure.


Check it out and book on