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cad How to make a single door showcase floor plan

2018-04-05 08:00:46

In front of us, we have understood the production method of multi-door showcase floor plan in cad software. Today, we will understand how to make single-door showcase floor plan in cad.


AutoCAD 2013


Open AutoCAD 2013 software, click "Layer Manager", click "Layer", and name the layer "Single Door Showcase". Click the color block and set a layer color according to the icon to complete the setting of the single-door display cabinet layer (as shown in the figure);


Click [Rectangle Tool], enter: d in the command bar according to the icon and press the space bar, enter the length value: 600 and press the space bar, continue to enter the width value: 2000 and press the space bar to complete the drawing of the rectangular pattern. Select the pattern, click the "decomposition tool" in the right toolbar, and blow up the pattern (as shown in the picture);


Click [Offset] in the right toolbar, enter: 25 in the command bar, select the side edge and top edge of the pattern, and offset the side edge and top edge in turn. Enter: 80 in the command bar, select the bottom edge, and offset the bottom edge upward (as shown in the figure);


Click [offset] in the toolbar on the right, enter the value in the command bar according to the icon, and select the corresponding offset operation (as shown in the figure);


Click [Line Tool] to draw a line, click [Drawing] - [point] - [fixed number equal division], and enter the value: 4 in the command bar to generate line segment quarters. Click [Line tool] to finish drawing part of the pattern of the laminate according to the diagram;


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