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Can domestic capacitor pen replace pencil? Domestic easy to use capacitor pen recommended

2018-04-14 06:24:02

Many products have their own bright spot, including the iPad's capacitive pen. Therefore, these brands in the fierce market competition to survive, will inevitably have their own characteristics, which is also the key to their rapid entry into the market. Therefore, before buying the iPad capacitor pen, we must make full preparations to ensure that we choose the most suitable product for ourselves, and then buy it after knowing the specific situation. Below I will recommend some cost-effective capacitive pen! First, South Carolina capacitor pen (199) South Carolina Pencil is really beautiful, like Apple's original capacitor pen, simple and fashionable. More than a hundred capacitive pen, in addition to the anti-mistouch function on the screen, can also charge the magnetic magnet on the iPad, that is, the product of South Carolina. Moreover, the control sensitivity of the capacitor pen is very high, and the delay is almost not felt. The capacitive pen is equipped with a high-tech tilt sensor at the tip, which can accurately control the direction and Angle of the user's throw. There's also 10 hours of battery life, which is rare at current prices. DFEOFM capacitor pen shape design, there are five colors to choose from, beautiful, in line with the aesthetic of contemporary young people. Moreover, the surface of this condenser pen, after a layer of polishing, quite textured. The condenser pen is made of pom material and has a slim tip, which is suitable for writing smaller fonts. Whether it's drawing or taking notes, it's convenient, and it doesn't damage the screen. Support full screen anti-touch operation, the palm does not need to hang above the screen, the use is very convenient. A full charge lasts up to 20 hours. Carmelan capacitor pen (218) Carmelan capacitor pen is simple in shape, high in sensitivity, can write smaller fonts, and can write accurately. This condenser pen weighs only 15 grams, the tip is soft, and it is very suitable for the screen, very good for the screen. No need for Bluetooth connection, just tap, you can start, easy to operate, fast. The pen has a 140 mah battery and can be used for eight hours on a full charge. In addition, the product has a full-screen anti-mistouch feature, users do not need to worry about the palm will affect the normal writing. BZBC capacitor pen (178) The surface of BZBC capacitor pen is made of aluminum alloy material, and the surface is coated with a layer of matte paint, which gives a very textured feeling. This capacitor pen is only 15 g, the weight is very light, and there is no fatigue in the hand for a long time. The pen tip is made of pom material, which does not easily cause damage to the screen. What's more, the writing is very clear, with no delay and no pause. Supports full-screen anti-error operation. You can place your hand on the top of the display. The battery life of this product is 8 hours, and supports Type-c charging.