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Cloud drop travel cross-city carpooling use method - travel notice

2018-03-13 11:12:48

Many of my friends are planning to travel recently. Travel planning is very important, now, we share the common travel carpooling software experience.


Smart (Android, IOS)


Public number search cloud drop travel, click Travel now to enter the booking page;


Select departure city and destination city, then click Book Now to access the flight list.


Select the date and time you want to leave, and then enter the place you want to pick up and get off to enter the seat selection interface.


Confirm the departure time, pick up and drop off information, then select the seat you want to take, select the coupon, fill in the passenger information and confirm whether you are carrying children, and then submit the order to complete the booking.


At the beginning of the trip, the driver will generally start to pick up people within 1 hour before the departure, please prepare for the ride in advance, so as not to affect the journey of other passengers in the same car.

Matters needing attention

Within a certain range is free pick-up, beyond the range will be charged a certain pick-up fee.


If you have children with you, please check the box when making an appointment to make arrangements in advance.