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DNF endless altar Walkthrough

2018-03-14 00:00:34

The endless Altar is located in the Canyon of the Dead on the continent of Arad, and the Tower of Death is different from the entry level requirements LV40 and each warrior can get 13 invitations per day, and after completing the customs, you can get the corresponding experience gold and equipment rewards. (Disclaimer: In order to ensure the accuracy of experience, some information is from the official website)


Dungeons and warriors


Endless altar


Endless altars, can only enter 13 times a day, the more times enter, the higher the cost of admission. ,


TP points, kill monsters in the Altar of Omnipotence, and go through a round of monsters to get, with the left mouse button click on their desired attributes, provided that TP points are enough. Or use the shortcut key, shift+ above the letter,


Green name one: Harnik. The green name of the fourth picture in the ancient map Mechanical cow, Skill 1: continuous waving with claws, small range skills 2: jumping to bite the player, at this time continuous deduction of MP,


Green name 2: Kamla Skill 1: Fly in mid-air, forward and down 45° Angle impact, players can jump to avoid Skill 2: tell yourself to rotate, track players


Green Name 3: Slime King Skill 1: Summon Small Slime Skill 2: Draw the player and then wrap it. You'll let go after a while. The damage is high,


Green name 4: Hell Goblin, sitting in a helicopter Skill 1: dropping bombs, X-axis action skill 2: Downward Impact skill 2: Firing bullets continuously, moving very flexibly,


Green name five: Zetes, moving fast Skill one: forward assault plus flat chop, Skill two: Black lightning falling from the sky around skill three: Summon four minions, low health will enter the bully state.


BOSS, Agares of Chaos, Skill 1: Swing forward with your own scythe, a gap will bleed on the ground, tentacles extending from hell to attract the player, encounter will enter a state of vertigo, and sustained damage, and finally fly to the sky, Skill 2: Tentacles extending from the ground, in the shape of a cross, will allow the player to enter a state of shackles Skill 3: Summon minions, skill 4, reach 3 health, will hide underground, after a period of time will be full of blood, but weakened defense,

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