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DNF Summoners don't need any items to summon three elves at once

2018-03-13 17:36:20

I'm a summoner. I tried summoning two elves and two elves at once at level 50. Can you believe it? I didn't use anything. I also think it is very strange, but I can not find any statement to prove that this is true, until now 86 level, the middle version of several times, SP has been emptied several times, I found the reason. Thought SP empty even if I how to point I can only summon three elves, but no longer summon two big elves, very lost, but this can not stop my love for the summoner. Now I will introduce my SP point method to you.


Step 1: Your level should be above more than 50 levels, otherwise you don't have so many TP points, and you simply can't point so many elves. Right. The elf uses TP to dot, as much as he can. But at most it is only 3, if you hit the BOSS power supply and the like, the electric baby can summon 6 at a time.


This is the TP point method, and the above is the SP point method, (SP can not point the same as me, because everyone's technique is different) the strengthening of TP - the lower-level elves must point, the number of points you decide, the point is full of 3 elves. There's two elves in half. The sacrificial stream would have liked it better


If there is a better way to comment below, thank you for your valuable comments!