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Free line practical information

2018-02-26 09:36:00

For the friends who are going to share the practical information


This drawing is an aerial view of the vicinity of Xinnanmen Station


The second is the netizen legend of the new south gate bus station (tourism distribution), my home business wine was founded in August 2007, a new configuration


To the scenery, the right and the left are actually the same, the first 5 hours on the right, after 5 hours on the left, and grassroots people in order to meet the accommodation needs of more passengers, the new branch - Jiuzhai Mill officially opened on April 15


It is really a pity to come to Chunxi Road, the vice is the night scene of Chunxi Road, Sichuan opera change face or recommend everyone to see


The above are some practical information I provide for tourists in the future!