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From love to marriage is how.

2018-03-13 20:48:35

Everyone falls in love. Of course, love does not necessarily have results. Although we all hope that every relationship has a destination. But it's always a step by step process. The process is beautiful. It also takes time to verify. People who are in love. We'll just work on our love. Have a name for this love. Rushing down the aisle. Write another starting point in life. We always believe in love. Our marriage is happy.




Sense of responsibility


Two people who just fell in love. There must be two of us. Let's go to dinner. Let's watch a movie. They always had a lot to talk about. Savor the happiness and joy of this moment. Just a simple meal is very sweet


If you care about each other. Of course, you must take your beloved to socialize. Get her all dolled up. Go to your friend's party. I feel so happy at this time. My her. Is the most beautiful. Let your friends know her. I know she's the one I love the most.


It's not enough for my friend to know her. I'm gonna take her home. Let my parents accept her. I'm a little worried, though. But I have a plan. I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with her. And I'm sure to convince Mom and Dad. And visit her parents, of course. I'll let them know. I'll take good care of their daughter. Reassure them


Both parents agreed. Then we are at this moment is unspeakable happiness. Feel the footsteps are light. Everything is so beautiful. Pick a day. Get ready to get married. Then marriage must be necessary. We went to buy the diamond rings that belonged to us


Got to get our wedding photos taken. Make an appointment well in advance. It was a very early day. The makeup artist did a great job on us. I don't even know myself anymore. It was at this moment. He is still very handsome. Of course beloved she is the most beautiful bride. The heart is happy


The day of the temporary wedding is drawing near. We need to get ready. Buy yourself wedding bits and pieces. Make a list of everything you want to buy here. Follow the one you love. Ran through several big. Bought a lot of things for the wedding. I feel my heart pounding. It's so tense.


Picked a special day. I walked in with her. I got this certificate for love. Also finally is to give this love has a happy ending. Continue to hold hands. The myth of growing old together