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Go. Just take this walkthrough with you

2018-02-26 12:48:00

In recent years, it can be described as a relatively hot travel destination, and it is also clear that the feeling brought to tourists is very good, antique, Jinshang cultural gathering place, bright living fossils, everyone gives too much high praise! So as our ordinary tourists, how to play well, how? Play to save money? I recommend to you a travel guide, just for your reference, do not like to spray.


Number one, about tickets. Located in provinces, cities and counties. Tickets are sold on a flat basis. Don't miss her. There are special tickets. It's all the same price. The price is 125 yuan. Tickets are valid for three days, military ID, press card, and free for seniors over 60. Student ID is half price. You can buy your own tickets through the ticket office at the gate of each city and the online ticket office. There is no need to take chances. No fare evasion, guideline. Hee hee


Second, about accommodation. The accommodation grades are different, economic family hotels, antique guesthouses, high-end five-star wine, here to choose according to their own strength, basically usually between 1000-500 can live to a relatively good economy inn, recommend several good, for your reference! .No. 1 Juyuan Pavilion Inn economy Hostel This inn personal feeling relatively high cost performance, usually the price between 100-300, before and after 2 times to work are here to rest, the main feature is to take quiet, service bar, the boss's own house to operate, the key to any travel problems can help solve! NO.2. Zide Inn This inn is an authentic Ming and Qing ancient courtyard, it is said to be the residence of the big ticket operator, indeed a very delicious one, living mainly foreigners, the price is between 500-800, located in the West Street, it is a relatively good experience inn. NO.3. Yunjincheng Hall This should be the best five-star inn, although I can not afford to live, the price but from the scale and price point of view, it should be one of the best inn, the price is super expensive in thousands of yuan, belongs to the first choice of business people, there are conference rooms, there are large restaurants and so on.


The third point is about transportation. There are two railway stations, one is a station, this is basically an ordinary train, but the station is relatively close, and you can choose to buy the station with plenty of time. If you take the bullet train and high-speed rail, the station you arrive at is a station, in the suburbs, 10 kilometers away, but there is a direct bus, 108 bus, it is recommended to take the North gate station to get off, you can directly enter, if you book accommodation, You can drink, many wine has shuttle service, but this station will generally charge shuttle. Secondly, the traffic, mainly for the tour bus, if take away the elderly, or too lazy to walk, you can take the tour bus, the number of more than 4 people, it is recommended to directly charter travel, so it is more cost-effective, you can also simply hitchhike, 10 yuan per person! In addition, if you want to go to the surrounding scenic spots, Wang family compound, Qiao family compound, Mianshan, Zhangbi Castle, Hukou waterfall, mountain and the like, it is recommended to consult the inn you stay in, most of which can help carpool, very convenient, and the price is not high. As a tourist city. Transportation is still relatively developed, you can also go to the bus station train station, take a variety of transportation. Reach all surrounding scenic spots.


Fourth, about the purchase of specialty products. There are many specialties. More famous beef, long yam, old vinegar, Fenjiu, push light lacquer, etc., these specialties can be bought in many places, but the price is very different, if you want to buy authentic, it is best to consult the hotel manager, or shop around, it is recommended to avoid shopping in the South Street, as far as possible in the West Street and North Street shopping prices are cheaper!


Number five. About the inside cuisine. There are 108 kinds of special snacks. Some of the more famous are. Beef, bowl holder, oat noodles by nagging, copper hot pot. Sliced noodles, bubble oil cake, fried bun. Overcooked meat. Vinegared eggs, here is not an example. If you live inside. I suggest you try the food inside. It's better. Sometimes around some restaurants. It's a little more expensive than any restaurant in the city. Unless you can find some of the famous local food downtown! But it's far away. I do not recommend this. There are many famous restaurants, Yunjin City restaurant, this restaurant has Chinese and Western food. Suitable for all tastes. Many inns also have restaurants. The Juyuan Pavilion Inn where I stayed had a restaurant. The price is more ordinary, the taste is good. It's very authentic.


Number six. About the show. There are many shows.. The ascension performance. Sacrificial performance of City God Temple. The play at the Theatre. Dream show. But one of the most famous and much-hyped shows is a large live action show. See you again. See also tells a historical story of bloodline inheritance. Adopt the mode of live performance. We walk to see, a very novel show oh, and particularly shocking, here do not reveal the plot, believe me, go to see, the ticket price is more expensive, 238/, if it is off-season, you can find the shopkeeper to help find preferential ticket sources.