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How did the incredible Labyrinth dragon Gambuo get it?

2018-03-13 16:00:56

Incredible Maze is a relatively hot casual game, many white in the first game, not very understand some of the level of the hidden Gambuao is how to get, today Xiaobian to talk about the special Gambuao - dragon Gambuao is how to get it


Gather the seven dragon balls and summon the dragon


Dragon Gambuo in the incredible maze game can be said to be all copies can get it, because in all copies will drop out of the dragon ball, Xiaobian believe that everyone knows, together dragon ball call dragon,


In the copy together 7 dragon balls can summon the dragon out of the wish list, the dragon to the player generally only three, some can give diamonds, some to equipment, and some to Gambuao workers, of course, to get the dragon Gambuao is also in the wish list, in short, there are many choices


And many small partners may be curious, why my wish list, there is no option to get the dragon? The reason for this is simple, the Dragon Gambuo's appearance in the wish list is conditional, the player must first select all the other options before the dragon Gambuo wish will appear


This means that the player needs to first select the other wishes, and the dragon Gambuo's wish will appear


The dragon Gambuo in the wish, the first time is directly to get the Gambuo, after the second time, is to get 20 pieces of the dragon, so everyone should be aware that in general, without painting 90 layers, basically a copy can only make one wish. (Except for the big guy with a good face)

Matters needing attention

I hope this experience will help you


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