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How do I install the Beyond_Compare4.2.3 File Comparison tool

2018-03-13 06:24:14

Beyond_Compare can compare the difference between two texts for quick merge use, or compare folders directly. It is common to compare text files when you save the file at two different points in time, or when you and others modify a file at the same time, this time you need to compare the difference between two modifications or two people to merge the two versions, you need to use the comparison tool Beyond_Compare. Here is how to install


2.3 Beyond_Compare4.


Download the exe installation package, double-click to run, start the installation page is the installation wizard page, this page only next and cancel two buttons, if you do not want to install, cancel directly. Here we click Next. Installation type selection, the default is to install for all users, that is, if your computer has multiple users, each user can use the installed software, if only select the current user installation, when you use another user name to log in to the next computer, this software will not be used. You must switch to the user who installed it at the time to work properly. Creating a portable installation means that it will not install expansion or modify the registry, which can be installed on a USB flash drive for easy use, and directly delete files when not in use.


This information comes from experience


Select the installation location, the installation of this tool requires 4.9M space, the tool is relatively small, the default is the system disk installation, if the system disk space is small can choose D disk or other disks, click the browse button to select a suitable directory, here for simple and convenient, you can directly change the C in front of the directory to D can achieve the effect of switching disks


Select the additional task option and create a desktop shortcut. (After installation, multiple shortcuts will be created on the desktop. Otherwise, you need to start them in the installation directory.)


After the installation progress is completed, the installation completion prompt page will appear. If the Run button is selected, the tool will run directly after clicking the finish button


After the installation is completed, the home page opens as shown in the figure. You can select the functions of folder comparison, text comparison, text merging or folder synchronization. After clicking, select the folder or file to be compared and then start the comparison


You can also directly select two text files in the manager, right-click the menu to choose compare, you can quickly start the comparison tool, do not need to select the file. Usually this way is more used and more convenient.

Matters needing attention

Beyond_Compare installation varies slightly between versions, but the basic steps are similar.