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How is playing classy

2018-03-13 19:12:02

Don't try to get someone who can't play to pretend they can, and don't ask questions like "how to play basketball gracefully." Pretending will only embarrass you more. So how do you play gracefully?


Don't yell foul yourself. There's always that noise on the field. In fact, is it not foul people on the court will see, even if the foul ball did not give you do not take it to heart, let alone add a sentence behind: "This is not foul?" It's not the finals. It's not a big deal. Physical contact is normal on the basketball court, and complaining about fouls all the time just makes you look like a sissy. This kind of thing often happens to younger players. They can run and jump but their bodies are thin, and they will be completely out of shape when they are a little bit against the movement, but when they are too old to run fast and jump high, they will treat those young people in the same way.


Don't spit on the court. Scratchy throats are inevitable on the court, but if you want to spit, please do it off the court. Nine out of ten foreign objects in the court will touch the basketball, imagine someone's excretion on the basketball, and then the foreign object contact everyone's hands through the basketball... At this point the game would stop completely, and a second of refreshment would make everyone wait five or six minutes to remove the mess from the basketball, and then continue playing with unspeakable nausea and discomfort.


Pick the right venue. In general, each court will have one or two courts is the default master exclusive area, such courts are often crowded with spectators, and the basket is slightly tilted downward, if you do not have confidence in your own strength, please do not "take the shot". Indoor courts are generally at a higher level than outdoor courts, but fewer courts mean more competitors. In the more popular venue, a court inserted five or six beats, more than half an hour a field is often a thing, the intensity need not say more. If the strength is far apart, please choose this kind of venue carefully.


Don't sit on the ball. A trivial detail, but it's important. Please sit on the ground when you are tired, the weight of people will deform the ball. This is a small matter, but some people will raise this matter to a religion: sitting on the ball is a disrespect for basketball. It's extreme, but I can understand how upset I would be if someone soiled a book I'd checked out. There are not many such people, but it is also unwise to provoke them, and don't go through with the true love of others