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How to choose a school for postgraduate examination

2018-03-15 04:48:02

When it comes to choosing a college, it's always a headache. Choose a good school, afraid they can not test, white busy one year; Choose a normal school, I am not willing to. The most afraid is that they choose a seemingly can be admitted, not bad, but also suitable for their own institutions, in the end or not admitted.


take part in the postgraduate entrance exams


Colleges and universities

How to choose a school that suits you?

If there is no school that you must go to, then you may wish to select a major before choosing a school, and match a school with your target major. Consider the strength of the major in the target university, how the faculty is, how the future development will be and so on. Generally speaking, there are many applicants for famous majors, and the competitive pressure is great, and the exam questions may be difficult; Famous ordinary professional, the competitive pressure is relatively small, but the halo of famous schools will make many people flock, the biggest advantage of famous schools is more fame, social love, teachers and so on. Secondly, the popular professional in ordinary colleges and universities, or the famous professional in ordinary colleges and universities, in fact, is also very worthy of everyone's choice, not necessarily non-famous schools do not go, many of our famous colleges and universities, but certain professional is indeed ranked on the name, such a professional, in response to the future development, insiders can see more clearly, laymen, of course, can only watch! To borrow a famous teacher's words, we can refer to: liberal arts majors must be admitted to famous schools; Science and engineering majors must be admitted to the school of professional excellence; By the class of major must be the main entrance examination.


If you want to develop in any city, you will choose a school in which city to pursue a master's degree, 80% of the students are in order to have better development in the future and find a better job. Then, you can also first determine the provinces and cities that you want to develop for a long time in the future, and then choose the school that is suitable for you in that province and city. After all, after 2-3 years of graduate school, during this period, you will establish your own graduate student network, making friends circle, etc., if you do not develop in the provinces and cities where you study for graduate school after graduation, then these relationships are basically unnecessary. Many 985, 211 and other schools are concentrated in the eastern coastal areas, are also considered cities. However, there is now the construction of double first-class colleges and universities, I believe that around the construction of double first-class colleges and universities, as well as the development plan of the country, in addition to the prosperity of the eastern cities, inland, western and other new first-tier cities will soon develop! Moreover, in terms of postgraduate entrance examination, the first district and the second district provinces and cities, the national line is not the same; In terms of the level of examination, the score of the second district is low, the number of applicants is relatively small, so the competition is relatively small. These various circumstances, postgraduate students, must take into account.


Personal level there is a saying is to do according to one's ability. Their own learning ability, learning efficiency, mastery of knowledge points, their own situation should be very clear. Many people, who may spend 10 hours a day studying, may not be able to get admitted to 985 colleges. But some people may only need six hours a day to be admitted to 985 colleges. Of course, as a graduate student, you can't belittle yourself; Formulate a detailed review plan, review carefully, not to detect their own learning, do tests, do real questions, assess how many points they can probably get, in the comparison of national lines, compared to the college score line, through the way of data, to set a target college for yourself, it is also a good way. Moreover, personal preferences, abilities, ambitions, ideals, etc., choose a school that suits you, can have space to play, can have learning space, can let yourself get exercise, get growth, far more powerful than under the halo of famous schools, but there is a talent can not be displayed. Postgraduate students, think clearly, to be responsible for their own future!

How do you evaluate a school to see if it's the right choice?

Compared with the undergraduate stage, the study of the postgraduate stage is deeper and more detailed. Whether the students can access the cutting-edge things in a certain discipline and how far they can go, the professional strength of the school can not be ignored. Every year, the Ministry of Education and relevant institutions publish the ranking of universities and their respective majors. We can intuitively see the strength of the graduate institutions according to this ranking table. In addition, through the website of the target institution and through other channels, we can learn about the university's reputation, history, discipline structure, the number and quality of master and doctoral supervisors, the number and year of master and doctoral programs, the geographical region of the school and employment situation, etc., which can be used as the basis for judging the strength of the graduate institution when we choose the school. The comprehensive strength of the school can explain the school, the school can provide a development platform, the school's unique cultural atmosphere, three years of postgraduate life can learn things will be completely different. Therefore, we need to find a balance between the professional strength and the comprehensive strength of the school.


Academic atmosphere is very important to graduate school. Graduate school is to gradually cultivate and cultivate one's various abilities in a strong academic atmosphere. Generally speaking, popular colleges and universities will have their own good academic traditions, in this academic tradition of people will unconsciously branded with the school's own temperament and temperament. Moreover, in popular universities, there will be a variety of academic lectures, and the library will have a richer collection of books. For popular majors in unpopular colleges, the academic atmosphere of unpopular colleges is relatively not strong enough. Academic lectures are rare, and you may not hear a few academic talents give lectures in a school year. The books and materials in the school are not complete enough, and academic information will be relatively blocked.


Teachers are engaged in research activities under the guidance of tutors, as the saying goes, "famous teachers make excellent students", the importance of tutors to graduate students is self-evident. Graduate school is very pay attention to the relationship between teachers, good teachers for students to engage in academic research is very helpful. In general, the popular colleges in the popular specialty has a good teacher, which is closely related to the popular colleges, especially the famous schools themselves. Enter an unpopular major at a popular institution and have the possibility to pursue foundational academic research with a reputable supervisor. For popular majors in unpopular colleges, with the expansion of graduate enrollment, many unpopular colleges have applied for and opened master's programs in popular majors to attract more students. However, due to the restrictions of the school conditions, most of the popular majors set up by these unpopular schools do not have good teachers, especially no famous teachers. Therefore, the teachers of popular majors in unpopular colleges are relatively weak.


Employment prospects Employment is a factor that must be considered when choosing an institution. Students in the decision of the major so go to the famous school is hoping to have a good development. Students should correct the mentality, based on reality, rational choice in employment. We can focus on some small and medium-sized cities, where the master's degree will be valued, the same opportunities, the probability of success is also greater. In general, popular colleges and universities seem to offer good job prospects. As the saying goes: heroes don't ask where they come from. But there is actually half of this sentence left unsaid: before becoming a hero, you have to ask the source. When you apply for a job after graduation, if you choose within the same major, most organizations may give priority to graduates from popular colleges and universities. However, the social demand for unpopular majors is relatively small, on the contrary, the social demand for graduates of popular majors is relatively large. Therefore, it is not uncommon for graduates of unpopular majors in popular colleges to find employment, and graduates of popular majors in unpopular colleges and universities may have more employment opportunities due to greater social demand.


Students participate in the postgraduate entrance examination, all hope that they can be named in the gold list, whether the examination is a measure of the success of the postgraduate entrance examination sign. The number of applicants for popular colleges is large, but it should be noted that many people are concentrated in applying for popular majors in these popular colleges. Therefore, the number of applicants for unpopular majors in popular colleges may not be large, and the acceptance rate may be higher. On the contrary, for popular majors in unpopular universities, on the one hand, students will think that unpopular universities are relatively easy to take; On the other hand, most students choose to apply for popular majors. Combined, the number of applicants for popular majors at less popular institutions is likely to be high.


The opportunity to take the postgraduate entrance examination can be adjusted between different schools of the same major, can also be adjusted between different majors of the same school, and can also be adjusted across institutions and disciplines. Therefore, for the entrance examination, the transfer is a potential opportunity for graduate school. In the same major, you can get more opportunities to transfer to non-popular colleges, and even have the opportunity to transfer to popular majors in unpopular colleges. For popular majors in unpopular institutions, in general, even if it is the same profession, it is difficult to transfer to popular institutions, but it can be transferred to unpopular majors in the same institution. Therefore, there are relatively few opportunities to adjust popular majors in unpopular colleges.

Matters needing attention

When choosing a school, you must pay attention to the situation of each school and each major over the years (including the number of applicants and admissions), and you must see clearly the current situation of postgraduate entrance examination.


More people means more opportunities. On the other hand, if your target school only accepts one person, then think carefully


The ratio of applicants to admissions partly reflects the intensity of competition at target institutions. The larger the admission ratio, the more difficult it is, and the smaller it is, the easier it is.