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How to choose construction waste treatment equipment

2018-04-14 11:12:33

With the rapid urbanization process, a large amount of construction waste is generated, and the reasonable disposal of these construction waste has become the focus of increasing attention. Mobile crushing station is a good treatment of construction waste equipment, it can crush construction waste, and then through sand regeneration into building materials, very environmentally friendly. Wheeled mobile crushing station, also known as semi-mobile crushing station, is a rock and construction waste crushing equipment, which greatly expands the concept field of coarse crushing and fine crushing operation. Its design concept aims to stand in the customer's position, to eliminate the crushing site, environment, complex basic configuration and complex to the customer crushing operation obstacles, as the primary solution.

Different types

Large crushing ratio, strong crushing pioneer


Large capacity, high efficiency, medium and fine strength crushing, strong adaptability, crushing and screening processing; Self-loading conveyor


Large capacity, medium crushing, high efficiency, economy, strong adaptability, crushing and screening processing; Self-loading conveyor


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Matters needing attention

Select according to demand


Select the appropriate area for crushing