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How to choose favorite jewelry

2018-04-05 11:12:04

A lot of jewelry is beautiful girls like, styles and styles are many, Xiao Jia today to introduce a few:


One red rope


1, agate and silver jewelry These strings of bracelets are connected with beads polished into agate, plus accessories.


2, black agate Black agate after polishing, will be more bright and beautiful, more suitable for girls to wear on the right wrist.


3, silver products girls wear a bit of silver jewelry is still better, the build can be tied to the arm of the silver, with a red rope to wear.


4, amber amber is a more precious raw material for the production of jewelry, engraving according to the color of amber, size, texture to choose to create that jewelry.


5, heart-shaped pendants are not all pendants are just worn on the neck, can also be worn with a bracelet on the wrist.


6, jade everyone likes jade, because it is cheaper than other pendants, or get, you see how good jade pendants, color and texture are good.

Matters needing attention

Good things need to be polished