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How to control software development

2018-03-13 00:00:14

Xiaobian is not good, in the software industry has been engaged in project management work, but are some small information projects, for the netizen put forward how to control the software development of this problem, from my understanding is not clear, because the control of software development will involve many aspects, the following Xiaobian I know to introduce, hope to be helpful, if not, I also try my best.




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Software development control the first method, the control of progress, each Project has a cycle, or the contract period, requires the development to be completed within the specified time, so it is necessary to control the progress of software development, Xiaobian suggests using project to manage the progress, and can effectively grasp the time.


The second method of software development control, the control of quality, for the quality of software, this is too much, the quality may be caused by the variables of demand, it may be limited by the technical ability of employees, of course, it may be a problem of architecture selection, this small series of suggestions is that if I have the ability to make decisions on my own. If not, leave it to the technical experience, you just need to ask for things on time.


The third method of software development control may have nothing to do with software, but it is also an important part of project management, that is, the grasp of communication, and sometimes less communication or no timely communication will affect the overall control of the software.


The fourth method of software development control, risk management, in the control of software at the same time, but also to consider the risk, technical, customer, human aspects, etc., these risks should be considered in advance, in order to prepare.


The fifth method of software development control, this method is also very important, is the control of the scope of software, software development can not be without scope, endless development will lead to software also do worse, so the scope of control is also very important.


The last few ways to control software development, you can go to study project management or software development control courses, learn it is very useful, you also need to manage stakeholders, procurement, etc., these are the core elements of project management.


Finally, Xiaobian said that how to control software development is not something that can be explained by a few simple words and experiences, but also needs to prove through practice and their own growth in order to effectively control software development.

Matters needing attention

When we learned project science, the teacher told us the word "Wu".


Poorly controlled software development can affect the overall progress