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How to draw the Little Prince

2018-04-05 06:24:36

Let Xiaobian demonstrate how to draw the cartoon version of the little prince, this cartoon version will be relatively cute, when painting the color according to the original little prince can be smearing. But now I have no paint on hand, I can only show you the black and white painting, please apply according to the image.


Black signature pen


Start with the head of the character, see what effect you want cartoon image, different images, you can use different shapes to draw the head, as shown in the figure, if there is a pencil, you can first do not consider the hairstyle, draw a closed figure for the head (because the line can be erased at the time)


Then draw the cool hair of the little prince, and leave him out for a while


This information is taken from experience without authorization


And don't forget his shawl


To add expressions to him, the sleeping little prince is the easiest to draw, because the eyes are the most expressive, but it is also the most difficult to draw, a novice can draw him asleep, squinting is best. Open your mouth and keep drooling


Bold the details. Say eyebrows and eyes. Bold is more expressive


Because it is drawn with a black signature pen, it is necessary to blot out the hair and stars to distinguish them. If you use a pencil, you can erase the excess lines


Finally, apply the color according to the character