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How to drive the manual transmission model correctly in the congested road?

2018-05-14 09:36:03

The main reason why many drivers avoid manual transmission models is to hear many old drivers warn that manual transmission is particularly tired in congested sections, and they are worried that they can't handle it. When you master the correct use, the manual transmission model will take you into the door of another world.


Driver's license C1 or above


A manual shift with a smooth shift


Enhance the ability to predict, make good use of sliding with gear. According to dynamic experience, the red light or the team before the front with gear sliding, so as to save fuel, but also to avoid the discomfort of sudden braking into the car; Until you glide to the position where you need to stop and wait, you can calmly point the brake, step on the clutch neutral handle brake, if there is still a distance, you can also use the neutral to glide to a longer distance.


When following a car slowly, take advantage of the neutral slide. Since the current engine no longer uses carburetor, neutral gliding is neither fuel efficient nor safe, but this only represents the high speed or downhill is not safe, and the speed of slow driving with the car is only 10-20 miles, as long as you do not drive half-heartedly, good use of neutral gliding can still be easy to complete the problem of slow driving. This is more maneuverable and less worrying than the semi-linkage state all the time.


After passing the congested section, properly pull up the speed and clean up the carbon accumulation. I don't need to explain that. It helps protect the engine. Twice as strong as adding fuel additives, like sport mode, to strengthen the body of the car.

Matters needing attention

Safety first, pleasure second.