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How to reduce the use of reducer failure

2018-04-14 14:24:43

In order to make the reducer run efficiently, it is necessary to have advanced lubrication technology as a guarantee, determine the corresponding lubricating oil for the specific friction pair, and then choose a reasonable lubrication method, which is the premise of the safe and smooth operation of the reducer.


1. Complete oil film lubrication. The tooth surface is completely separated by the elastic fluid dynamic oil film, and the friction on the tooth surface is transformed into the intermolecular friction inside the oil film, and the friction coefficient is very small. The oil film thickness is not affected by the load, the load is borne by the oil film, and the probability of pitting, gluing, wear and other damage is minimal, which is an ideal state.


2. Border lubrication. The thickness of the elastohydrodynamic lubricating oil film is less than the comprehensive roughness of the two tooth surfaces, there is no flowing oil film between the teeth (except high-speed gear), the tooth surface can only be separated by the boundary oil film, and the tooth surface has more convex peak contact, which is prone to abrasion and adhesion friction. In order to avoid direct contact of the tooth surface, human oil agent and extreme pressure agent should be added to the base oil to improve the performance of the lubricating oil and form an adsorption film and extreme pressure lubrication film. Boundary lubrication is an unstable lubrication state.


3. Mixed lubrication state. It is bounded between the first two, both elastohydrodynamic lubrication and boundary lubrication between the tooth surfaces, and the lubrication state is very different, some are close to elastohydrodynamic lubrication, and some are close to boundary lubrication.

Matters needing attention

In order to prevent abrasive wear, it is very important to keep the lubricating oil clean. The gear box cleaning and maintenance machine uses the original oil feed and discharge system of the gear box and the filtered old oil to realize the cleaning of the gear box, the rapid filtration of waste oil, the filling of new oil and other functions. The operation process does not change the hardware facilities, does not add cleaning agents, and ensures the safe operation and service life of the gear box. It is necessary to regularly sample and test the oil quality of the lubrication system and purify it regularly.