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How to sign a contract electronically

2018-04-04 14:24:54

At present, in commercial cooperation, the contract can not be signed in time due to the reasons of time and distance, resulting in the loss of interests of both parties, then the effective way to solve this loss is to sign the contract electronically. The basic steps of the operation are as follows.




The first step: online information real-name authentication This is the only legal way to ensure the validity and authenticity of the contract, online real-name authentication must be carried out, both parties to the contract must abide by this rule, if not, the contract cannot be carried out.


Step 2: One party sign online Through the two parties reach an agreement, draw up the specific contents of the contract, and then upload the third party for online signing. One party has completed the online signing, and the other party has not completed it.


Step 3: Sending the contract When one party has completed the signing of the contract, the electronic contract will be sent to the other party at the first time, waiting to be signed.


Step 4: The other Party signs the Contract. After receiving the contract, the other party shall complete the signing of the contract within the validity period.


Step 5: Contract archiving In the electronic contract signing process, after the signing is completed, it will be directly uploaded to the cloud storage, and there is no need to print a paper version, so that its confidentiality will be better.


Step 6: After the co-management contract is fully signed, both parties can view the contract in real time through the cloud, which greatly simplifies the workload of the enterprise management.