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How to Stay lonely on Valentine's Day

2018-03-14 03:12:02

Soon it is Valentine's Day in the New Year, open all kinds of chat software, all kinds of space are full of ambiguous atmosphere, or shy confession, or miss, or lonely self-talk. I personally have no special feelings for Valentine's Day, but it is a day, there is love in my heart, every day is Valentine's Day. But for some people, especially those who are single, Valentine's Day can be a terrible time. So, on Valentine's Day, how can single people not feel lonely?




This information comes from experience


Actually, if you ask me, what's so scary about being single on Valentine's Day? It's just one of those days, isn't it always the same? But is so a few love show couples to "mix" called single family have a little irritability, haha. After work, buy some delicious food for yourself, eat good while playing games, or eat snacks while shopping, love how to figure a happy, figure a chic, figure a free right?


Use their own money to buy their favorite Valentine's Day every year before and after, open the circle of friends, all are basking in gifts, show love, talk about happiness, looking at people that is called a putty. Needless to say, you are single, even if the married people feel disgusted, of course, it can be understood as the envy of the fox can not eat the grapes. People have a boyfriend husband girlfriend wife to send gifts, you have their own salary you are afraid of what? Spend some of your paycheck, buy yourself your favorite gift, earn your own money and spend your own money more freely, right?


Give parents a happy Valentine's Day their single fear of what, dad and mom are happy couple, as their children, to their hard half a lifetime of parents plan a Valentine's Day can it? Don't always care about their little emotions, parents are happy, you are happy, right? Use the name of dad to buy a bunch of flowers for mom, buy gifts for dad in the name of mom, do some good meals, and have a happy dinner and chat together as a family, isn't it better?


Have time to be sad, to envy others, to envy others, it is better to quietly do what you should do. Of course, you may not feel like doing anything if you are deeply stimulated by couples showing their love, so make a plan for yourself, right? How much money are you going to put in your bank account this year? What social events are you going to, etc. Although the plan may not be implemented, but at least you can kill the boredom and loneliness of Valentine's Day, right?


I remember that one year, a woman in the circle of friends kept drying gifts, either a pot of flowers or a plant of grass, or a table of vegetables. We all know that her husband never cooks, and the table dishes are all made by her, but with the text: Husband, you have worked hard, thank you for the food. I really can't stand it, take out the husband's salary card, and match the text: gifts are too weak, only the salary card is overbearing. Write it, send it out, and you will be happy. Finally, ask the women who show off how much money their husbands give you as gifts: How do you live on weekdays? Ha-ha.


If you can't bear to open the social networking site, I don't agree with a little, but friends have told me that Valentine's night, especially at the beginning of the night light rose in front of the blossoming, their sanity will lose a lot. If this is the case for you, then don't beat yourself up, open the Internet, find a healthy and safe social networking site, chat with people to pass the time, or hunker down and see if you can wait for the right person to show up. It's better to accomplish nothing than to spend a night alone, sleepless, bored, and miserable, right?


Writing a letter to your future partner about this last point may seem a little sad, but it's not. I like to comfort single people with a sentence: your ta is on the way to find you, don't rush him, he is stuck in traffic at this time. Everyone's feelings need fate, chance coincidence, the so-called time and place and less are not good, so Valentine's Day single afraid of what? Write a letter to your person and ask them which way they are going. Try to be humorous. When the time comes, you can also read this letter with your loved one, right?

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Being single is a great freedom, cherish it