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IT professionals are prone to four major occupational diseases

2018-05-14 22:24:23

Long-term in front of the computer and, should pay attention to what occupational diseases?


The range of motion of wrist flexion to the palm surface of the mouse hand is about 70O~80O, and the flexion to the back of the hand is about 50O~60O. When using the keyboard, the wrist dorsiflexion is about 45O~55O, which is close to the maximum Angle, which will pull the tendon in the wrist and make it in a state of high tension, and the support of the palm root on the desktop will compress the wrist in this state. The repeated movement of fingers is easy to make tendons and nerves rub back and forth, causing chronic injury, causing inflammation and edema, and then causing pain, numbness and swelling of the thumb, index finger and middle finger, swelling of the wrist, inflexibility and weakness of the fine movements of the hand. When people use the mouse, they repeatedly focus on one or two fingers, and with this monotonous slight activity, they will strain the ligaments of the wrist. Causing peripheral nerve damage or compression. Countermeasures: Every hour of work to get up and exercise the body, do some fist, pinch fingers and other relaxed hand action. When using a computer, the height of the keyboard and mouse on the computer table, preferably lower than the height of the elbow when sitting, the use of the mouse, the arm do not hang, do not use the wrist force when moving the mouse and try to rely on the arm force to do, do not beat the keyboard and mouse keys too hard. In addition, it is best to choose a mouse with a large arc and wide contact surface, which helps to disperse the force.


Elbow "elbow" is medically known as "elbow syndrome". Most of those suffering from "elbow" are white-collar workers who spend more than four hours a day receiving calls and sending text messages. It is understood that the "elbow" early performance of the elbow joint fatigue numbness, pain, the arm sometimes can not lift up, because the time is too long, always ring the arm when playing, long-term will cause nerve pulling damage. The more severe symptoms are persistent pain, arm weakness, and even falling, and movement is often limited by pain when the forearm rotates and extends forward. Countermeasures: Experts suggest that commonly used people should try to use headphones when playing, avoid bending the arm for a long time, or try to "open the bow left and right", so that the hands take turns to relax and rest. Generally, appropriate activities should be carried out after completion, and hot compresses can also be used to relieve muscle tension. Experts remind that if you find that the frequency of symptoms such as pain and numbness in the arm and other parts increases, or such symptoms appear in a very short time, you should go to the hospital immediately.


The keyboard wrist is medically known as "wrist syndrome". The main symptoms are numbness and pain of the wrist, thumb, index finger and middle finger, often feel the thumb clumsy and weak, the thumb, index finger, middle finger dull and abnormal, and the small finger and ring finger inside the half side is completely normal, if the patient will put his hands on the table, the forearm is vertical to the table, the two wrists naturally bend and palm droop, about one minute can appear numbness of the index finger and middle finger. The main reason is to engage in computer typing work for a long time. Countermeasures: Those who operate the computer for a long time should pad their wrists and avoid suspension operation. Work for an hour or so should take a short rest, while moving the wrist. During treatment, you should temporarily stop using the computer, and follow the doctor's advice with physical treatment, closure, surgery and other methods.


People who deal with computers every day, and face the computer screen for a long time, unconsciously give birth to a face with indifferent expression, affecting daily interpersonal communication, and prone to personality disorders and personality abnormalities. Long time of human-machine conversation will appear facial expression is not rich or even expressionless, expressionless situation. In addition, the screen radiation produces static electricity, the most easy to absorb dust, face to face for a long time, more likely to lead to spots and wrinkles. Countermeasure: In daily operation of the computer, the body and the computer screen should be maintained no less than 70 cm away. Hardware, should be configured with a small radiation, no glare, display stable computer, LCD screen is better. At the same time, to choose their own computer desk and chair, try to adjust them to the most suitable for their own state. Pay attention to eye rest, it is best to rest for 10 minutes an hour, do eye exercises twice a day. After finishing the Internet, the first task is to clean the skin, thoroughly clean the face with warm water and facial cleanser, wash off the electrostatic adsorption dirt, and apply mild skin care products. Over time, it can reduce the damage and moisturize the skin.