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Land Rover fourth Generation Discoverer 4 refueling protective cover reset release

2018-02-27 12:48:00

Diesel and gasoline are two fuels with completely different physical properties, and the corresponding engine working stroke of the two fuels is completely different, so be careful not to add the wrong oil. Diesel engine can not carelessly add gasoline, know the wrong gasoline do not start, to prevent the wrong fuel into the engine, leading to more serious failure. Diesel discoverer 4 deliberately set up a mechanism to prevent the wrong oil in the fuel port, the oil gun error will not be put in, the wrong fuel will start the mechanism to close the fuel port.


After the refueling port is closed, it needs to be opened again with the reset tool to fill the fuel again: the reset tool is stored in the storage box with the car; Reset tool teeth upward to insert the bayonet into the neck of the filling port, press the reset tool handle to clamp the teeth and then slowly pull out to complete the reset.