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Liugong Island travel guide

2018-02-26 08:00:00

Liugong Island is located in the easternmost bay of the peninsula, there are Qing Dynasty Beiyang Naval Command Office, naval academy, ancient fort and other sites of the Sino-Japanese War, there are many European buildings left over from the British lease period, known as the "East corner of the bay" and "unsinkable battleship" said. In addition, the forest coverage rate is as high as 87%, and it has the reputation of "fairy mountain on the sea" and "outside the world". The main attractions on the island are the Chinese First Sino-Japanese War Museum, Liugong Island National Forest Park, Liugong Island Expo Park, Liugong Island Whale Museum, Qidingshan Fort, Donghong Fort, iron Wharf and so on.


Liugong Island

Main attraction

The Sino-Japanese War Museum opened on March 21, 1985, with the Beiyang Navy and the Sino-Japanese War as its theme. Now open to visit are Beiyang Naval Commission, Dragon King Temple, Ding Ruchang Memorial Hall, fort and weapons Hall, Qidingshan Fort, Donghong Fort and so on. The museum contains more than 1,000 historical photos, more than 200 cultural relics materials of the Beiyang Navy and the Sino-Japanese War, and more than 300 cultural relics specimens of salvaged ships, among which the Jiyuan ship's twin main guns are the only ones at home and abroad, and can be called the "treasure of the town museum".


Liugong Island National Forest Park Liugong Island National Forest Park is the first Marine forest park named by the Ministry of Forestry. There are about 19 kinds of tree species, more than 80 kinds, more than 50 kinds of wild flowers and plants, and more than 50 kinds of birds. Along the winding road around the island, it seems to enter the "world" : more than 100 wild sika deer with you, on the "five flowers stone", standing on the "listen to the sea cliff", listening to the waves on the shore, and the sound of the world blend, the island has also built Liugong Island giant Panda Exhibition hall


Liugong Island Expo Park Liugong Island Expo Park is a comprehensive tour park that integrates the long history and rich culture of Liugong Island, integrates high technology and superb art, comprehensively and three-dimensional reappearance of the virtues of Liugong Island, the situation of Jia Wu and the history of British rent, which is called "the encyclopedia of interpreting Liugong Island". It is divided into Liugong Cultural District, Folk Culture District, Jiawu Cultural District, Haiquan Cultural District, Yingrent Cultural District and Ocean Cultural District.


Liugong Island whale House is located in the island's large park - Liugong Island Expo Park. It contains specimens made from a sperm whale measuring 19.6 meters in length and weighing 50.1 tons, which is the largest sperm whale specimen ever landed in the world.


China Golf Museum Liugong Island is the origin of golf in China, and the earliest island golf course in China is located in the east of Liugong Island, which is also the first golf course in mainland China. It is also known as "the Holy Land of Chinese golf pilgrims" and "the St. Andrews of China".


There are Qidingshan Fortress and Donghong Fortress on Liugong Island for tourists to visit. Among them, Liugong Island Qidingshan Fort was built in 1890, is the commanding point of Liugong Island, an altitude of 153.50 meters, an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with four Krupp cannons, firepower can support other batteries on the island, with the north and south sides of the artillery, can block the south mouth of the bay. The fort is divided into three levels, and ammunition depots and barracks are built underground.

Other notes

Ticket information (the following is the official website information, in tourism, etc., there are preferential special tickets) Liugong Island scenic spot tickets: 138 yuan/person, including round-trip ferry tickets, scenic spot tickets (expo park, whale house, panda house, long-maned goat Sika deer pavilion, etc.) Ship scenic spot tickets: 75 yuan/person sea island tour: 60 yuan/person 1.2-1.4 meters children half price ropeway: One way 30 yuan/person, round trip 60 yuan/person; Children ticket 30 yuan/person (1.2m - 1.4m) Tour bus: 20 yuan/person 1.2m (including 1.2m) children under the implementation of free Liugong Island preferential policy: 1, 1.2m children free of all tickets; 2, 1.2-1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) children half price; 3, disabled soldiers half price of 15 yuan/person, free scenic tickets; 4, the elderly over 60 years old (with the elderly card, ID card), the disabled (with the disability card) ferry ticket 31 yuan/person, free scenic spot tickets; 5, active soldiers, 1.4 meters above 18 years old (including 18 years old) minors (with ID card, student ID card), full-time undergraduate students and below (with student ID card), the city's subsistence allowance personnel (with low guarantee)85 yuan/person. Preferential policies: 1, children under 1.2 meters, seniors over 70 years old free admission; 2, 1.2-1.4m children, soldiers, 60-70 years old, discount price 37 yuan/person.


Transportation You can drive or take a train, plane to arrive, and then transfer to the Liugong Island scenic tourist terminal to take a boat to Liugong Island. A total of 22 cruise ships are responsible for the ferry task to Liugong Island, and the sea tour route around Liugong Island has been opened, taking a tour boat around Liugong Island for about 40 minutes. In the morning, the arrival ship and ticket sale time is 7:00, the last arrival ship is 16:30, and the last departure ship is 18:30. The ship scenic area is open daily at 7:30.

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