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Mi 2 free desktop Settings

2018-03-14 04:48:35

A quote from Rebus: Let us salute the free imagination!! Will our eyes gathered in the imagination of millet pioneer - free desktop, finally this long-awaited study free desktop theme was released, the following by me to play for everyone in detail this fresh free desktop bar.


Now set the theme to its default form and click to go to Theme Style


Go to the local desktop theme list and click on the downloaded "Library" theme


Click on the red box at the bottom of the application, configuration, wait a moment


Click to return to the main interface (House key) to see the installed free desktop theme [Study]


I believe that the official has also known that many rice noodles do not know how to use the free desktop, and hereby make a special prompt interface (only the first installation of the prompt) :


Double finger drop down to enter the free desktop after entering the free desktop will also be prompted


I won't say much about the trouble, because it looks more concise, and the following figure will explain each icon clearly so that everyone is familiar with it


Have you seen that notification bar hey hey a few ICONS on the notification bar you can freely light without pulling down the notification bar is the same solution quick try it, haha


Say have seen a baseball bat, baseball bat as a firewall, intercept some text messages what, as for why use a baseball bat, I want to fight people know, hey hey baseball bat, hold the most handy to hit people, haha.


How do I edit my desktop? As usual, press the desktop desktop will enter the editing mode, not edit which piece, no matter how to place the program, it is clear. You want to move the application to your desktop, OK


If you want to put your favorite photos on your desktop, OK, no problem


Curtains can be pulled up and down? Can weather be hidden? Expand? Isn't it fun?


How do I unlock a locked screen? All right, let me fix this with the curtains. Call, send SMS, how to solve quickly? OK, click on the red box or SMS slide to the curtain, you can appear the interface you need; Some people ask what is a pentagram? Well, swipe up on the five-pointed star to open the curtain and open the screen.


Want to restore the original layout of the interface or want to restore the original state to find the initial prompt? OK, as you wish, the following image can only restore the free desktop layout, if you want to restore the desktop to the most original state, open the Settings - application - MIUI launcher click Clear data can be noted: this restore setting restores not only the free desktop contains but also the default desktop layout carefully!!