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One by one, the skin is as beautiful as jade

2018-03-15 17:36:29

This summer, a variety of bright candy colors are popular, bright pink, peach, bright purple, royal blue, lemon yellow and other sweet colors of clothing, bags, shoes so that MM love. But, dear, will your skin hold? White skin is capital. Don't be afraid, here we will interpret the whitening predicament one by one, so that your skin is beautiful step by step, and then the bright candy color can hold. There are three main types of whitening conditions, which can be called black gas, red gas and yellow gas, of which "black gas" mainly refers to various spots of the skin, "yellow gas" mainly refers to the problem of dark yellow skin, and "red gas" refers to the problem of red skin. Women of different ages need to solve the embarrassing situation is also different, below we are respectively targeted for everyone to interpret. 20 years old young skin whitening situation: red gas & yellow gas young skin is often easy to neglect protection, resulting in skin tanning, sunburn, dull and other problems. In addition, many young people are easy to flush cheeks, so the requirements for whitening skin at the age of 20 are often based on moisturizing and calming. The problems of tanning, sunburn and dullness caused by negligent protection are mainly related to the excessive production of melanin stimulated by ultraviolet radiation. And exposure to ultraviolet light, easy to make the skin cuticle injury, uneven arrangement disorder, resulting in the skin surface feel rough, the face looks naturally dark. In addition, when the skin lacks moisture, the adjustment function of the cuticle will decline, and the resistance to sun exposure and pollution will be significantly weakened. Skin cells on the surface of the skin will warp if they lack water, making the skin appear dull and rough. Solution: Clean and exfoliate + moisturizing and calming 1. Clean and exfoliate: Do a good job of daily cleaning The most important thing for the 20-year-old MM is to do a good job of daily cleaning, and it is OK to exfoliate once a week or two. Refer to the cleansing and exfoliating section below for specific methods, precautions and massage techniques. 2. Moisturizing and calming: About moisturizing products and moisturizing work, I believe that MM has learned a lot, here will not say more. However, there are some moisturizing errors worth noting, do not make a futile effort. Mistake 1: Only moisturizing lotion Many MM think that after washing the face moisturizing lotion can moisturize, in fact, wrong. Because if there is no follow-up lock aquatic products, the lotion will soon evaporate, especially when the outside world is very dry, the evaporation speed will be faster, and even take away the original moisture of the face skin. So you can apply moisturizing products followed by a layer of lotion or cream, in time to lock in the water. Myth # 2: Frequent spray-on sprays may actually suck moisture out of your skin. Although moisturizing mineral water contains trace amounts of mineral ions, it can indeed supplement water, but because it does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock water, it often gets half the result with less effort. If you spray too often and don't use lotion to lock in the water, it will let the skin fall into a vicious cycle of dry - wet - dry. Mistake 3: Apply a mask every day If the mask contains alcohol, fruit acid and other ingredients, applied too frequently will stimulate the face skin, making it fragile. In winter, it is best to use a moisturizing mask with simple ingredients, applied once or twice a week, and the time can not be too long, about 15-20 minutes. And remember to quickly put on a lotion or cream to lock in the water, moisturizing is done. When contacting any moisturizing ingredient, you must consider two things: first, whether your own skin is suitable; The second is how to use, and what other ingredients need to be matched, because not all organic ingredients will be as gentle as hyaluronic acid, only after a clear understanding of this information, can we really do a good job of moisturizing. 30 years old light mature muscle whitening situation: yellow gas & black gas light mature muscle is often due to staying up late, pressure, long time to face computer and other problems, irregular biological clock, endocrine and other problems, resulting in dark skin, acne, and even gradually found some spots appear, this time the focus of whitening is often to focus on freckle, remove yellow gas and other products. It is also time to use some whitening serum to target the "hardest hit areas". The omnipresent electromagnetic waves in the life of light mature muscles, long-term exposure to computer screens, smoking, exposure to air pollution, and lack of sleep will produce free radicals and bring about cuticle aging. The oxidation of the stratum corneum is the major reason why the skin color of the lightly matured muscles looks dull. In addition, with the growth of age, the problem of spot precipitation is also a problem that needs attention in this age group. 1. Cleanse and exfoliate: Exfoliate regularly every week for women in their 30s, choose a cleanser that is mildly acidic, gentle and not too powerful to remove fat, leaving moisture behind after cleansing. But every time you don't exfoliate. Refer to the cleansing and exfoliating section below for specific methods, precautions and massage techniques. 2. Whitening essence: whitening essence plays a role in whitening ingredients, below we will understand all kinds of whitening ingredients, so that everyone knows clearly when choosing whitening essence, and choose the most suitable for their own products. Inhibition of melanin: representative component - arbutin advantages: whitening faster, and non-irritating. At the same time, it can also free radicals, prevent skin aging. Disadvantages: It often needs to penetrate into the bottom of the skin to play its blocking role, which puts forward a higher requirement for the product preparation. It is also light sensitive, so it is more effective at night. Blocking melanin: representative ingredient - nicotinamide Advantages: all-around star ingredient, in addition to blocking melanin, can also promote the exfoliation of keratinocytes containing melanin, improve skin barrier action and facial yellowing, promote dermal collagen and regulate the content of mucopolisaccharide in the dermis, and reduce wrinkles. Disadvantages: The impurities in the raw material niacin can cause skin irritation, and some products that may be consumed with high content of niacinamide may cause allergies such as redness. Fade melanin: the representative component - vitamin C and its derivatives advantages: safe, effective, can also improve the collagen content and improve skin tone, reduce blood permeability and reduce inflammation, so it also has a good effect on inflammation, red blood filament type stains. Disadvantages: not stable enough, easy to oxidize, destroyed by light and decompose. Vitamin C derivatives are more stable than vitamin C. Metabolic melanin: representative component - Hydroxy acid Advantages: can quickly whiten, while hydroxy acid can also promote dermal collagen synthesis, make the skin more hydrated, more have. Disadvantages: It will make the stratum corneum thinner, the skin is more sensitive to light, there is a certain irritation, not everyone is tolerant, sensitive skin should be carefully used. 40 years old muscle whitening situation: black gas & yellow gas & red gas With age, red gas will be more and more heavy, which is why the older, the darker the face looks one of the culprits behind. In addition, the decline of the body's antioxidant capacity, coupled with the gradual aging and hardening of the blood, and the spots formed by excessive free radical precipitation at the base of the skin are also one of the most troubling skin problems at this age. In the selection of products than light mature muscle, need more "powerful" multi-effect products to help. In addition, the old waste keratin of the skin will accumulate on the surface without normal metabolism, the accumulation of old waste keratin will cause the skin to feel rough, and it will make it difficult to metabolize melanin. This type of skin dullness may be accompanied by enlarged pores and frequent oil secretion. If the old waste keratin is not properly removed, even multi-effect products are difficult to enter the skin and be absorbed. 1. Clean exfoliation: a must but gentle product Exfoliation is more important for a 40-year-old than a 20-year-old girl, because the exfoliation is no longer automatically renewed and peeled off, so it needs to be removed by external forces. Whether you choose an exfoliator or daily cleanser, keep the texture gentle and look for items with added moisturizing or moisturizing ingredients. Refer to the cleansing and exfoliating section below for specific methods, precautions and massage techniques. 2. Multi-effect repair: Multi-effect products generally have two situations: the first one: add a variety of active ingredients, such as adding fruit acid (acid) + vitamin C glycoside (neutral) + hyaluronic acid + polyolionine (macromolecular moisturizer). The second: with one ingredient to appeal to achieve a variety of effects, such as niacinamide can be anti-acne, whitening, anti-aging; Provitamin B5 can moisturize and repair damaged tissue. Multi-effect Repair products Tips: Tip1: See the immediate results after use A good multi-effect product will make you feel comfortable after use, so that the skin becomes smooth; Then, after using the product at night, the skin condition in the morning will be more and more delicate than usual; Finally, it depends on the long-term effect, whether the improvement of skin problems such as fine lines, dimness and relaxation after long-term use is obvious. All the above three passes are good full-effect products. Tip2: Maintain moderate sanity "multi-effect" although it brings comprehensive convenience, but it must be weakened in a single function. If you have dry skin or fall, keep up with your serums and creams. Tip3: Sensitive skin should pay attention to the multi-effect product itself is to help the skin build a protective barrier, the sensitization is very low. However, if your skin is sensitive, it is recommended to use the same series of products, which will reduce the chance of sensitization. Tip4: Massage absorption is the key multi-effect products add more ingredients than a single product, so the texture of multi-effect skin care products will naturally become more viscous. Be sure to massage the skin carefully to ensure that the product is absorbed. There are many ways to exfoliate, which can be divided into two main categories: physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. 1. Physical & Chemical exfoliation Physical exfoliation is the use of fine particles or fibers and skin friction, can be more in-depth removal of old waste skin, our common scrubs, exfoliators, cleansers and exfoliating cotton is such. Chemical exfoliation is a chemical substance to soften and clear the horn, mostly the use of AHA, BHA and other fruit acidic ingredients, carbonic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid and other formulations, promote the growth of collagen fibers in the dermis, to eliminate dark spots, acne and improve the rough skin has a significant effect. There is no agreement on which type of exfoliation is appropriate for which skin, and dermatologists generally recommend that sensitive skin avoid chemical exfoliation and use a smoother physical exfoliation. However, there are also some precautions for horny MMS to pay attention to. 2. Exfoliation precautions: 1. Exfoliate in zones. The recommended frequency of exfoliation is once a week for the T-zone and once every two weeks for the U-zone. When there are suppurating or inflamed pimples on the face, it is not appropriate to exfoliate. If the pimple is closed, you can properly exfoliate, but when exfoliating, it is best to avoid the acne area, do not touch the pimple. 3. When using exfoliating products, it is best to match certain massage techniques, so as to gently exfoliate the skin and avoid damage to the stratum corneum caused by frequent exfoliation, resulting in skin sensitivity. 3. Gentle exfoliating 4-step massage Step1: Follow the muscles around the lips to move in circular circles from inside to outside. Step2: Rub the bridge of the nose from the top to the bottom in a straight line, and draw a circle from the outside to the inside of the nose. Step3: Use the middle or ring finger on the forehead to gently massage the spiral upward and downward. Step4: Rub cheeks gently from bottom to top.