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Online loan platform

2018-03-13 22:24:09

Now there are many online loans, online loans are also a lot of platforms, most of the interest is high and scary, and there are not many safe and reliable, now Xiaobian for you to introduce a few more suitable for the public borrowing platform


I believe that anyone who has been useful knows that the interest rate of ant borrowing is relatively low, and as long as there is a sesame credit score, it can basically be opened, but the size of the amount is only a matter


Second, Zhailian financial platform is jointly established by China Merchants Bank and belongs to the formal loan platform, the interest rate is similar to ant borrow, the maximum installment can be divided into 12 periods, accept early repayment, as long as sesame credit score is more than 600 points, basically can be opened, is a good loan platform


360 IOU believe that 360 everyone is familiar with, and 360 iOU is also a relatively famous loan platform, its opening method is also very aspects, as long as the ID card can be opened, of course, if you want to increase the amount, you need to authenticate the basic information, information these, is more convenient

Matters needing attention

Small online loan platform, high interest, need to pay attention to fraud


Formal platform loans, you need to pay attention to their repayment ability, so as not to overdue