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qq how to improve the success rate of complaints

2018-05-15 08:00:43

If your qq secret security is stolen, and can not be recovered through the secret security, then you only through the appeal, the appeal time is longer, and the reason should be very good, then how to improve the success rate of the appeal?




This information is taken from experience without authorization


Enter the security home page and click the password, the bottom column is the account appeal, click to enter.


Before complaining, you can read the complaint tips to understand the complaint process. Then enter the application account and verification code, click OK.


This is divided into two steps, fill in the basic information of the appeal and the answer method of the appeal result. Fields marked with * are mandatory. In fact, if you want to find your qq as soon as possible, then you must fill in all the information, and there can be no false information, fill in OK and click next.


Appeal verification code has been sent to your mailbox, click to open qq mailbox, the purpose of verifying the mailbox here is actually to verify that the mailbox you just lost is not correct, and is used by yourself.


Open the qq mailbox, click the inbox, check the email sent by Tencent and click open, remember your appeal code, return to the appeal page to enter the appeal code, if you accidentally close the appeal page, you can also directly click the place in the icon to continue to appeal.


From here on is the key step of the appeal, once used passwords can be filled in, including the uncertain can be filled in, even if the error will not have a negative impact on the outcome of the appeal. Then is the long-term login qq location. I think the general qq have lived with you for several years, under normal circumstances will change several commonly used places to log in, all fill in, and then click next.


Next is the current qq security information, if the security has been modified by others can choose to skip, of course, must be all the security verification methods to try again, if not, you can directly choose to skip click the next step.


Then invite friends to assist in verification, you can choose early to join qq friends to assist in verification. Under normal circumstances, there will be a few particularly familiar friends, directly enter their account, click submit.


If the appeal is successfully submitted, a receipt number for the appeal will pop up. This receipt number must be saved on the computer or written in the notebook. Then is to wait for the complaint information, generally if the submitted information is a lot and accurate, then the success rate of the complaint is very high, everyone come and try it!

Matters needing attention

The basic information of the appeal must be completely accurate, and the auxiliary information must also be accurate


In general, the result of the appeal will be notified to you by email or reservation within 1 to 2 working days.