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Router, and light cat how to wireless bridge how to set does not conflict

2018-03-14 01:36:24

After the ADSL broadband at home is upgraded to a fiber optic network for free, the operator has installed a light cat with wireless router function, and the original wireless router wants to be used on the second floor to increase the coverage of the wireless wifi network, how to carry out wireless bridge, how to set up will not conflict? How to set the wireless bridge between the wireless router and the optical cat without conflict?


Optical cat


Wireless router


If you enter the optical management page or view the optical IP address from the back of the optical cat, the Huawei/ZTE optical management address is to avoid conflicts. First of all, log in to the management interface of the wireless router, and change the IP address of the LAN port to another IP address in the same network segment : After saving, the router needs to restart.


After the router restarts, open the browser again, use the new LAN port IP to open the management interface, and log in.


Go to the wireless router's Wireless Settings - Basic Settings, find "On WDS" under Basic parameters, and check this box.


When the WDS function is turned on, more options will be added below, where you can click Scan to scan the surrounding WIFI wireless signal.


After a while, the list of scanned AP information came out, and the wifi signal name corresponding to the light cat at home was found in the list. Note the channel and encryption type information and click Connect.


After clicking the connection, the optical cat information to be bridged, such as SSID/BSSID, will be automatically filled in. It should be noted here that the key type above the channel and below should be set to be the same as that of the light cat, and then enter the corresponding password and save.


After saving, we return to the running state, the WDS state in the wireless state, which, after initialization, becomes successful. The bridge between the wireless router and the optical cat is successfully completed.


After the above Settings, the basic operations are complete, but for the convenience of use, you also need to configure the DHCP server, disable the DHCP function. Our goal is to turn the wireless router into an AP, and the initiative of network management is still handed to the light cat, without the need to use the wireless router for IP allocation.22:59 2016/1/29

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