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For some, anxiety is a normal part of visiting the dentist. There are any number of factors that can make you anxious about your dental visit. Our staff has a long history of patient care and will explain to you by phone what to expect during your appointment. We will answer all of your questions, and hopefully reduce your level of anxiety and put you at ease before you even enter our office.

Dr. Geare wants you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your procedure. We offer diversions such as [television, digital music players, movies and even virtual reality glasses].

If you are bringing your child to our office, we are happy to provide a tour and explain the instruments so that your child is more comfortable. Of course, we welcome you to accompany your young children if that will reduce their level of anxiety.

Helpful Tips
Caffeine and sugar have a tendency to make you more anxious, so try to avoid them before your dental appointment. Eating something with protein, like a high-protein bar, prior to your appointment could provide have a calming effect. During your procedure, remember to focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly. Like most anxieties, talking about your concerns can really help calm you down. So try talking with Dr. Geare about your fears and apprehensions beforehand.