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There is no better way to clean the sides of your teeth and remove plaque than flossing. It is a necessary tool in the fight against tooth decay and periodontal disease. Since plaque builds up in places your ordinary toothbrush can’t reach, it is important that you floss daily to prevent gum disease.

There is a type of dental floss out there that fits your needs. Waxed floss slides between your teeth more easily than an unwaxed floss, although unwaxed floss makes a sound when your teeth are clean. Tape floss is thicker and is favored by those with wider gaps between their teeth.

If you have limited dexterity or arthritis and cannot easily hold or use dental floss, you may want to try a commercially available floss holder or intra-dental cleaner.

If you are concerned about how to floss properly, ask Dr. Geare or hygienist to show you how.