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Sensitive Teeth

Teeth become sensitive when the dentin (the tooth layer beneath your enamel) becomes exposed. When the dentin is exposed, eating or drinking food and beverages that are hot, cold or acidic can cause pain or tingling. Touching your teeth or even exposing them to cold air can also cause pain.

Sensitivity is often defined as a short sharp pain, which is usually initiated by hot or cold foods or exposure to cold air. Aching often follows. The severity and frequency of the pain varies.

How to Reduce Sensitivity

  • Use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • Apply sealants or fluoride at Dr. Geare’s office
  • Decrease your intake of acidic foods
  • Avoid using hard bristled toothbrushes or brushing your teeth too hard

If a tooth is highly sensitive for more than three or four days, you should see Dr. Geare to rule out a cavity or abscess. You may also need to change your oral hygiene habits to reduce sensitivity.