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Self-help tour guide

2018-04-04 16:00:18

Because Shen Congwen because Cuicui makes many people full of reverie: beautiful, babbling water, curling smoke, girls who get up early in the river, everything is beautiful. Last May, my three sisters and I decided to set out, and the trip of four girls was thus opened.


Transportation: The transportation is not particularly convenient, but if you are not particularly in a hurry, it is not much of a problem, whether you are coming from or from the front. Get off at the station and go downhill to the opposite side and take a bus or a taxi. It's very close. The tour bus at the station is also available. You must ask the price before you get on the bus, it will not exceed ten yuan in the city.


Accommodation: It's best to book a hotel before you go, so someone will pick you up when you arrive. The whole is around the Tuojiang River, many people do not want to live near the river before, in fact, the place of Linjiang is not very good, the room is twice as expensive, but also humid, the night is particularly noisy, not to rest well, we lived one night to change the place, far from the river there are many warm inn can choose, the style of the room is also changeable, you can change a room one night, It all feels different! However, if you go in the peak season, you must book in advance. Not only many people on holidays, but also many people on weekends, so the time should be arranged well. It is best to stay quietly for a few more days and feel the feeling that the days are slowly flowing. By the way, if you go when the weather is hot, remember to bring a national style long skirt, because many people wear long skirts, you will be infected, bringing one is better than buying in the local, temporary buy really can't buy anything good.


Eat: Among the specialties of my favorite is ginger candy, there are a few old ginger candy can buy a little to bring back, like the town pole Jia's, Liu's are trustworthy, ginger candy smell sweet eat crisp, and good for the body, suitable for all ages. However, do not buy the stalls on the street, it is not ginger is pigment. A lot of delicious restaurants, we went to the ambassador restaurant and Junzi restaurant, the two fish are very good and delicious, as for the restaurants on both sides of the Tuojiang River don't go, we ate two taste is very general, and the price is not cheap. There are many people on the street to buy a thing called powder, three dollars a small bowl, sour and sweet is very delicious, although I do not know what is made of. Many people love to eat snacks, Hongqiao in the evening to eat a lot of people, you can go to join the fun, especially a called square powder is good, much stronger than many online others introduced, and inexpensive. As for the barbecue, we went to the new road, where the locals love to eat barbecue, tourists like to eat in Hongqiao, but to be honest, no matter where it is not too clean. I love their rice wine and kiwi wine. It's kind of sweet but intoxicating.


Play: is the most worth a good visit, and sisters and lovers hand in hand, a visit to the past, there are a lot of fun things, but if you want to buy it must be crazy bargain, I remember my BFF saw a set of Miao dress, he opened his mouth to 170, we buy 30 pieces, many gadgets can buy, but to bargain, otherwise a turn back found to be pit. I bought two bracelets at that time 40 yuan, to another ask 10 yuan 3, the same thing, find people also useless, can only eat dumb loss. About tickets, I think so, if you just want to wander around without buying tickets can also go in, many inns provide evasion strategies, if you want to see the former residence inside, you will honestly buy tickets, because you can't get in. Tired can sit on the side of the Tuojiang River to play with the water to see people look at the scene, you can also take a boat, very cheap, 10 pieces of 5 can, the water of the Tuojiang River is very good, take off your shoes and lift up the skirt Angle to enjoy the wanton it. As for rafting can go or not, many places are similar, Miao village can go to see, the local report a group, 80, 100 can, spend most of the day in the mountains to do a happy fairy is also good, I am most happy is in the Miao village boat, both sides of the mountain, in the quiet water floating very comfortable, the water is very clear, many local children swimming in it, They are all like black loaches, very cute, but don't touch their heads, local children's heads are not allowed to touch, parents think you will bring the outside bad luck to his children.


Remember oh, the local tour guide recommended things must not buy oh, especially the silver jewelry is really not reliable, and what prickly pear in the Miao village do not buy it, because you will not come back to drink, he said no matter how good do not be moved, otherwise it will become a garbage dump at home. I hope you have a good trip!