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2018-02-27 08:00:00

It is a poem, a natural picture, a beautiful and moving story, whether it is people who have lived here for many years or travelers in a hurry, all are dumped by this unparalleled beauty in the world. Spring in March, Yingfei long grass. Su Bai two dike, peach willow clip bank. On both sides of the waves are twinkling, cruise boat spots, the distance is the mountains empty Meng, QingDai contain Cui. Walking on the embankment at this time, you will be amazed by the scenery in front of you, and even enthralled, wondering whether you have entered the wonderland. The beautiful scenery is not only unique to spring, lotus flowers in summer, three pools soaked with moonlight in autumn night, red plum trees with thin shadows after winter snow, warblers singing in the cage of smoke-willow trees, and the balcony in the drizzle ------ no matter when you come here, you will appreciate the extraordinary style.

Matters needing attention

It has always been known for its beautiful scenery in the world, has the reputation of "heaven on earth", and was praised by the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo as "the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world". There are also many famous grotto statues, steles and ancient buildings around, which have become precious artistic treasures in our country. Scenic area Category: Wetland Lake Search Similar scenic area Opening hours: All day Ticket Price: There are no tickets, there are other attractions on the side to charge tickets, Leifeng Tower 40 yuan, go boating what also need to be charged separately, go to the temple to charge tickets, Lingyin Temple 35 yuan, not in the past here to buy a few kinds of burning incense, but also 30 pieces up. Method: 0571-87179539 located at the heart


Best time: February season is foggy, the fog scenery is outstanding, like Yaochi fairyland; April time rain one after another, rain like real like magic, unique style; In October night, the bright moon is in the sky, boating on the lake, tasting the wine and enjoying the moon. In December, the snow is white, snow-covered, and the snow is like a small jasper walking in the snow. Therefore, in different seasons, there are different scenery complaints: 0571-85171292 Traffic guide: You can take K4, 27, 308, 504, tour 5, holiday line 5 bus to reach the scenic spot.