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Teach you how to get into Vanity Fair freshman year

2018-05-15 04:48:41

Just entered the university helpless pain third party finally got rid of the prison of high school, in the university this colorful stage is time to show themselves. Entering the university, no one is willing to do a small transparent obscurity in the university after the best years. Teach you how to enter the student leadership circle in your freshman year.


Pre-school preparation: Before entering the university, that is, the summer vacation stage of the third year of high school, this time is an opportunity to contact seniors in advance. Try to be as active as possible in the post bar or the college's welcome group, preferably the welcome group, most of the seniors active in the group are students in the college, have a certain status. This is a good opportunity to build a good relationship with them.


During military training: During military training, counselors often choose some military training leaders, because everyone is unfamiliar with the new term, these people are almost self-recommended. In the case of many people recommending themselves, you who have a good relationship with your seniors before will naturally stand out. Don't underestimate the head of military training! Since then, almost all the squad leaders and league branch secretaries have been produced among them. This is an opportunity for the guide to pay attention to you, even if you are gold, someone needs to find, don't think that there will be opportunities in the future. There's very little chance of seeing the guide after that.


Networking: In college, the most important thing is networking. If you want to learn how to behave, the hypocrisy is necessary, and the tactful place is still inevitable. Just the degree of your own control. Running for office is not only about your ability, your position in the hearts of leaders, but also about your popularity.


Student Council: In addition to the class committee, the Student Council has a large part of the power. The school has a student union, each department also has its own student union, choose a suitable for their own to join, or follow the department of senior students. The latter has obvious advantages for itself.


Others: Do not blindly rely on the help of seniors, some of them are looking at face, some are looking at feelings. To be honest, helping you is your luck, not helping you is duty. I can handle it on my own as much as I can.


To learn to look at people, there is no need to please every person who has a position, too hypocritical but bad impression. Why not choose one or two seniors you admire and let them take you through.