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Teach you some tips for drying clothes

2018-04-13 17:36:23

Do not know how you usually dry clothes when it is like, here I will share some of my own skills for you, I hope to help you......

Drying clothes anti-wrinkle method

The information illegally crawled from experience

Chemical fiber clothes drying method

Chemical fiber clothes can be directly hung on the hanger after washing, so that it can be naturally dehydrated and dry. In this way, it is wrinkle-free and clean.

Avoid direct light when drying clothes

People who can dry their clothes can make them last longer. In particular, many clothes such as wool, silk, nylon, etc., often turn yellow and pale after being exposed to direct sunlight. So this kind of clothing should be best dry in the shade. All white wool fabrics are best dried in the shade. Generally, it is better to choose a ventilated and cool place than a sunny place to dry clothes.

Sweater drying method

After the sweater is washed and dehydrated, it can be placed on the net or on the curtain to flatten and shape, to be slightly dry, then hang on the hanger to choose a cool shade to dry. In addition, before drying the fine wool, roll a layer of towel or bath on the hanger to prevent deformation.

Skirt drying method

Skirts, women's suits and so on are very particular about shape, if hung in a special hanger to dry, the most suitable. If this special coat hanger can not be purchased, buy some round, square small coat hanger can also be. When drying, along the waist part of the circle, respectively, with clips, so that it is very crisp after drying.

Matters needing attention

That's all for now. These are my personal opinions. If you have different opinions, please comment and exchange. If you feel that helps, you can vote like...