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The daily maintenance method of precision saw

2018-04-14 17:36:48

I'll teach you the daily maintenance of precision saws


Precision saw


Mechanical equipment and electrical equipment such as precision cutting saws are easy to fail in continuous high temperature environment, which affects the utilization rate of equipment. If the equipment operator will mistakenly think that the mechanical operation and repair the precision cutting board saw for unknown reasons, scientific repair and maintenance should be used to eliminate the non-substantive electrical faults to ensure the normal operation of the woodworking machinery


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Motor heat can not work; The main engine does not rotate; High frequency motor can not adjust frequency; As well as the edge banding machine, precision cutting saw electrical circuit aging leads to imbalance between power circuits and so on


All of the above situations should be repaired in time, otherwise it is easy to cause more serious problems such as equipment motor burning or electrical instrument failure, electric heating original damage and so on, and even lead to fire accidents


The maintenance of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances should be professional and regular to prevent small faults from becoming major failures. It is necessary to regularly check the electrical wiring problems of woodworking machinery such as precision cutting board saws, and replace the old cable lines with insufficient cross-sectional area to effectively ensure the needs of the use of mechanical appliances. For the season of high power consumption, it is necessary to pay attention to the avoidance of insufficient voltage and take effective measures to reduce the voltage caused by mechanical electrical work.


If the regional voltage is unstable, consider adding capacity and replacing the cable at the same time. For the maintenance of woodworking machinery such as precision cutting saws and edge sealing machines, electrical maintenance personnel should be equipped with full-time or electrical industry, and regularly carry out professional inspection and repair of mechanical equipment and electrical appliances. Precision cutting saws, edge sealing machines and other woodworking machinery and electrical appliances for maintenance personnel high requirements, should be installed professional woodworking machinery and electrical repairers or machinery to give professional guidance and training to do daily maintenance and maintenance