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The French way of distinguishing luxury goods

2018-04-04 17:36:38

Luxury goods are internationally defined as "a kind of consumer goods with unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics beyond the scope of people's survival and development needs", also known as non-necessities of life. So how do we tell if something is a luxury?


Luxury bags, watches, accessories, etc


Practical significance: the symbol of wealth, luxury brand brand charm is rich and luxurious.


Visual sense: The products served by luxury brands must be "superlative". This "superlative" must be reflected from appearance to quality. The high quality of luxury goods should be visible. Because its luxury is "obvious" to people, it can bring glory to its master.


Personalization: Luxury brands are often proud of themselves, and they continue to set up a personalized banner to create their own highest realm.


Specificity: Luxury brands are very specific, it can not be expanded at will. The so-called specificity of the brand means that the brand only serves a certain product or a certain type of product. It's hard to see how a luxury brand can be used across two industries and still be successful.


Sense of distance: As a luxury brand must create a feeling of looking at the ocean. Making most people feel out of reach is the mission of luxury brand marketing. In terms of market positioning, luxury brands serve a small number of "rich people".


Finally, the price: expensive, expensive refers to the high price of course, this is a thing that is easy to judge, but in my opinion, only the level of the price itself is not enough, even if it is the real transaction price rather than the price of no transaction.