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Things to pay attention to when traveling to Hong Kong

2018-02-26 17:36:00

Hong Kong tourism attracts tourists to go, we can feel the bustling atmosphere of Hong Kong, Hong Kong gathered tourists from all over the sightseeing and shopping here, so go to Hong Kong travel precautions must understand some, go to Hong Kong to pay attention to what, Hong Kong people in what form, and what are the taboos in Hong Kong, these we are to understand. The following sunset red travel route for us to analyze as follows. Hong Kong can be roughly divided into four parts: Hong Kong Island, New Territories East, New Territories West, and more specifically, it can be divided into 18 districts (unlike Central Land, these districts are purely non-political areas). The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English, and the language policy is "two languages and three languages", that is, both Chinese and English are used in writing, and Cantonese, Putonghua and English are used in speaking. The majority of Hong Kong residents are not native to Hong Kong, and people who have moved from China to other parts of the world have brought their native languages to Hong Kong. Hong Kong culture is also influenced by trends from around the world. As a result, the languages you see in Hong Kong are much more than words and English. Therefore, friends who travel independently may have a little difficulty in communication when they go to Hong Kong for the first time, so try to make their Putonghua reach the standard pronunciation when communicating. When traveling to Hong Kong, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the temperature in Hong Kong can drop to 10 degrees Celsius from mid-December to February, and only wear a light cotton jacket during other times. In private public places, such as cinemas, restaurants and shopping malls, the air conditioning will be very cold, so it is recommended to bring a light jacket. The rainy season in Hong Kong is around May to September, so you may want to prepare a waterproof jacket when you go out. What is necessary depends entirely on how you plan to place your journey in Hong Kong. Some high-end restaurants have special dress requirements for guests, of course. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring some simple and slightly formal clothes for emergencies; Business passengers must also bring a formal suit. If you are planning a shopping spree in various shopping malls and night markets, make sure to spare more room in your suitcase, and don't forget that Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. What else do you need to pay attention to when you go to Hong Kong? You must abide by local laws. Please carry and protect your Hong Kong and Macao passport when you go out, so that the local police can check it at any time. Of course, Hong Kong accommodation also has many precautions, most of the wine is American wine, there is no toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers and other personal hygiene products, to carry their own. The wine is also equipped with pay TV, if you watch pay TV, you must go to the front desk before leaving the hotel. Another help is not to bring durian and other fruits with strong smell into the wine. When traveling in Hong Kong, the currency of Hong Kong is Hong Kong dollar, and the renminbi can only be used in a few merchants such as jewelry. Hong Kong dollars can be exchanged at banks and liquor stores. These are the things to pay attention to when traveling to Hong Kong, and finally there are some suggestions for tourists who go to Hong Kong self-help travel: do not carry a lot of cash when going out; Protect your travel documents carefully; When crossing the street, be careful of someone close to steal; Before you withdraw your property, you should first observe whether there are suspicious people around, I hope these contents can help you with your journey, if you have other questions you can consult the senior travel network.