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Travel 10,000 miles - Travel with kids: [3] Six day tour

2018-04-04 19:12:36

The child's second summer vacation, catch up with the family tour organized by colleagues in the unit, go with the group, it is not necessary to worry about yourself, but, however, not necessarily not worry about ah!


At 6 o 'clock in the morning, Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport is like a big market with people coming and going. After arriving at noon, I mainly walked around the Dianchi Lake, looked at the floor, and appreciated the spirit of "five hundred miles Dianchi Lake, rushing to the fundus", but looking at the Dianchi Lake water seems to be muddy, do not give pollution ah.


The next morning, head straight to the stone forest, a famous landscape formed by karst landforms. Located in Shilin Yi Autonomous County (that is, the road, later changed to Shilin County), more than 70 kilometers away, is the legendary hometown of Ashima.


Arrived in the evening, I do not know why, the child had a fever, and then went to the People's Hospital, difficult to survive the night, but also the fever is gone, but the mental state is general. The third day arrived at more than 10 a.m., because the child was not completely well, we only swam there while resting and adjusting.


Continue in the afternoon and arrive in the evening. Located in the southwest of our country, the sun sets late, it's 7:00 and it's still bright. Night comes after 9 o 'clock, the night is lively, and it is very pleasant to walk around and see.


Stayed one night, very cool and comfortable, worthy of the holiday is a good place. On the fourth day early in the morning, we first toured the ancient town of Shucheng, and really experienced the small bridge and water family. Then go to Yulong Snow Mountain, take the cable car to catch up with a lot of people, waiting in line for more than an hour. But this is not important to us, because the child's illness is completely recovered, and we are very happy to play in Longshan Ping.


The fifth day is the day of the return journey, from the return. In the afternoon of the same day and the morning of the sixth day, they successively visited the colorful Garden and the Expo Park, and returned by plane in the afternoon.

Matters needing attention

This is the first time to take the child with the group, the child was sick, although there is no direct relationship, but the overall feeling of the trip is relatively close, the child is happy to play, it is time to start! The child does not want to stay here, but can not go, at least let the child's heart unhappy!


With the group tour save worry and effort, may also save time, but subject to relatively large restrictions, and self-help tour needs to do a lot of homework in advance, the early stage is more tired, but free, walk more places, or more worthwhile!


However, the rise of free travel in recent years can also be considered, find a regular reputable travel agency, let them help arrange accommodation and transportation, and then free to eat, think about it is good, of course, also need to plan carefully in advance, but convenient freedom is certain.