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2018-04-05 09:36:22

I have been in school for nearly three years, personally experienced all aspects of this tourist city, the vast majority of the attractions I have been to, where is fun, where is suitable for what kind of people to play, where the level of consumption what I understand


First of all, talk about Nandaihe international entertainment, that is, the so-called south entertainment, the location in Nandaihe, here similar to Happy Valley, suitable for young people to play, tickets are not very expensive, adults 120 group purchase about 70 or 80, and student ticket prices are similar, in addition to karts and cable cars are charged items, other casual play (of course, to line up), The bus is also very convenient, take 34 road to the beach bus station, there are many direct south entertainment car, a car is also good, I was going to the time of carpooling, 10 yuan per person, some taxi drivers said free to send you to or charge one or two yuan handling fees are actually want you to buy his tickets, of course, they sell tickets are real, and cheaper than the normal fare, If there is no group purchase tickets to buy their tickets is also cost-effective, this is also good, perhaps in order to promote the development of tourism in the city.


Say again, a lot of scenic spots in the best choice of hiking, along the way there are a lot of small interesting things, walking is a very comfortable thing (walk must do a good job of sun Ha), the seaside scenery is good, the beach is also clean, pigeon nest, tiger stone, Olympic Park, strange garden, wildlife park is also worth to play, if you drive, You can drive into the zoo, lions and tigers are outside your car, very feel ha, like this play attractions for all ages, tickets are also very cheap.


Biluota Bar Park is very lively at night, suitable for young people to play, and there are red artists perform. Strange building suitable for children to visit and play, there are more strange projects, children will be very interested


The underwater world, personally feel that the underwater world is general, the scale is relatively small, but the dolphinarium is still very worth going to, where the dolphin show is still more interesting, after watching the dolphin show will have a very happy mood


From Nandaihe said, should talk about the city, the city has no characteristics, but the consumption is relatively low, if you come to play, you can choose to live in the city, the city is normal consumption, prices are normal, accommodation is reasonable, the distance is half an hour away


Say again, the first pass in the world, very good, you can also go to the old dragon head climb the Great Wall, see the origin of the Great Wall, visit the Meng Jiangnv temple, it is said that when Meng Jiangnv crying the Great Wall is here


Um... I think ah, there are Le Island, and Nandaihe international entertainment nature is similar, are more exciting to play projects, and Gold Coast, where the beach is the thinnest, cleanest and best, um... There are a lot of play projects I have not been to, it is not much to say, in short, these popular places are very worth going to see and play, these locations are relatively easy to find, by bus basically can be reached, taxi to go is more convenient, their own driving GPS is OK...