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Two day tour guide

2018-02-27 00:00:00

The time is warm spring, it is a good time to travel, in the region can go to feel the millennium Song city, because the old has been the imperial capital, all the ancient buildings here are very tall and dignified, which is just like the famous "Bao Qingtian" image in history. No wonder, one side of the soil to nurture one side of the people, this side of the people also built this side of the building, personality temperament revealed the characteristics of the local people.

Recommended route

The first day: Tower Park - Daxiangguo Temple - Fu - Bao Gong Temple


The second day: Qingming Shanghe Garden ———— Tianbo Yang Fu

Recommendation reason

Tower Park: Located in the northeast corner of the city, covers an area of 51.24 hectares, is one of China's 100 famous parks, national AAAA level scenic spot. The tower is located in the eastern half of the Tower Park, is an important cultural relic in the park, is also the main scenic spot, built in 1049 AD, is one of the first batch of national key protection cultural relics announced in 1961, known as "the first tower in the world". The tower is 55.88 meters high, octagonal 13 layers, and because of the brown glass brick all over the body, mixed like iron casting, from the Yuan Dynasty folk called it "tower". After more than 900 years of construction, it has stood firm after wars, floods, earthquakes and other disasters.


Daxiangguo Temple: Located in the heart, is a national AAAA scenic spot, China's famous Buddhist temple, was built in the northern Qi Tianbao six years. Later, it was damaged by war and floods. Qing Kangxi ten years to rebuild. There are the temple of Heaven, the Hall of Great Heroes, the Hall of octagonal glass, the Hall of Sutras, the thousand-hand thousand-eye Buddha and other temples and monuments. In August 1992, Buddhist activities were resumed, the bell and other buildings were rebuilt, and in 2002, it was rated as a national AAAA tourist attraction.


Government: Located in Baogong Lake - Baogong, Baogong west Bank, is a national AAAA level scenic spot. Many historical celebrities such as Kou Chun, Fan Zhongyan, Bao Zheng, Ouyang Xiu and so on have served as "government" Yin. In particular, when Bao Zheng was the "government" Yin, he was unselfish and unselfish, and his law enforcement was as high as a mountain.


Baogong Temple: Located in Baogong Lake - the west bank of Baogong, in memory of the Song Dynasty Prime Minister Bao Zheng who was honest and honest in the history of the Chinese nation, a large number of historical relics about Bao Zheng are displayed.


Park: Located in the northwest corner of the city, it is a national AAAA level tourist attraction. Covers an area of more than 1300 acres. The whole garden includes meridian Gate, Jade Belt Bridge, Chaomen, Zhaobi, Chaofang, Northern Song Palace Chen Arch ruins, stellingpavilion, North gate and East gate and other Qing Dynasty longevity Palace architectural groups, as well as Pan Yang Lake, spring Garden, bonjing Garden, known as a unique plant garden and promenade water pavilion and other garden landscape. The whole scenic spot is built on the ruins of the Song and Jin imperial palaces and the Zhou Palace of the Ming Dynasty. The main hall is 26.7 meters high, the base is 13 meters high, facing south; There are eight rooms on the east and west sides, which form a complete palace courtyard with the main hall.


Qingming River Park: Located in the north, is based on the Song Dynasty Zhang Zeduan's name "Qingming River Map" as the model, focusing on the reproduction of the original scenery of the large-scale Song folk customs amusement park, is a national AAAAA scenic spot. The main buildings are gate tower, Hongqiao, street view, shop, river, dock, boat yard and so on. According to the original layout of "Qingming River Map", the park focuses on the Song Dynasty such as restaurants, tea shops, pawnshops, Bian embroidery, official porcelain, New Year pictures and other on-site production; Collection of folk entertainment, juggling, drum performance; Kyoku fortune-telling, gambling, cockfighting, dog fighting and other Kyoto style. According to the program, there are various performances.


Tianboyang Mansion: The residence of Yang Ye, the national hero of the Northern Song Dynasty, is located in the northwest corner of the city of Tokyo (this city), the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, beside the river of Tianbo Gate, so it is named "Tianboyang Mansion". Because Yang Ye loyal to the country, the Yang family will be loyal and good generations, Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi love its pure and straight, not good at flattery character, imperial in the Tianbo gate built a Wuning house, and his handwriting "Tianbo Yang House" plaque.