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Undead novice village task guide

2018-03-13 14:24:48

Just get a FS to open the AG door for you to go, it's easier to find a mage in the Undercity. Or not far from the Novice village, there are 2 big lighthouses (haven't played BL in 5 years, can't remember the name), there are airships, one to the North Pole and one to the AG, take the AG to Ogrima. As for how to get to the AG task, the master has a bulletin board, just in front of the Power Valley auction house, where there are tasks suitable for your level can be picked up


The start of the quest: Suddenly wake up the birthplace of the Undead is located in the town of Deathstroke in the forest of Tirisphal, which was once the seat of the human kingdom, but has now been occupied by the Undead, who do not much like humans, including dwarves.


The Undead character's birth mission is to wake up suddenly, and when you open your eyes, you find yourself in a dark underground grave: the steward Mordor is so happy that you have woken up, they were going to cremate you with the other dead. The carer of the tombs in Deathstroke says that you are no longer a slave to the Lich King, so visit Shadow Priest Sarvis in the church at the foot of the hill, and he will tell you more about what you must know.


(2, 1-6 death knell town forest) "[1]" 1-6 death knell town (2, woodland) ", [2]} "ran up the steps, Leave the crypt."},[3]" Accept GET suddenly wakes up from NPC Mourner Mordor, then runs down the hill to be handed over to NPC Shadow Priest Sarvis.[31,66]"[4]" Accept GET Mindless zombies."},[5]" Go down the hill to complete DO mindless zombies, Then run back and hand IN."[6]" Receive GET the Broken Bones Skeleton,GET the tainted scrolls, and GET the Cursed "},[7]" Hand in the tainted scrolls at your professional trainer to learn the skill."},[8]" Complete DO the Cursed while doing the Broken Bones Skeleton. These are all suburban village finds. Then finished, handed in and received Mara's last wishes."},[9]" went out of the church, received GET night walking spider caves and GET picking up trash."},[10]" Finished DO picking up trash was found around the village and inside the buildings, Go to [37,62] kill Samuel Phipps in order to DO Mara's last wish.",[11]" Run to the cave [27,59] DO the nocturnal spider Cave.",[12]" Then run to the village cemetery [31,64] and click ITEM Grave Bury the skull.",[13]" Give all the tasks IN Night Walking spider Cave,IN picking up junk and IN Mara's last will."},[14]" Accept DO the Red Crusader outside the church, do it [37,67], then go back and give it ",[15]" Accept GET the Crusader messenger to do it [36,68]," Kill NPC Marvin Cowgal. Run back to hand it in.",[16]" GET important Intel if you are level 6 to learn the skill, if you are not killing monsters to level 6.",[17]" Run to the north of the Bell to receive the GET Stalker deal at [38,57] and then leave the Novice Village.",


6-10 Tirisphal Woodland "[1]"6-10 Tirisphal Woodland "},[2]" Walk down the hill to receive the Land of sorrow from NPC Undead Guard Himir [41,54], Then go to the pumpkin farm [37,52] to pick up 10ITEM[Tirisfa pumpkin].",[3]" Go back around the road [46,57] to accept the quest of GET Gardo. NPC Gerdo strolls down the road.",[4]" On his way to Briar picks 3ITEM[Dark grass]. Handed over NPC junior pharmacist Holland [58,50], Receive GET Doomsday Grass.",[5]" Talk to NPC Undead Guard Dilinger IN [58,51] Receive GET Rotten claws.",[6]" Surrender IN the Land of Sorrows in NPC Pharmacist Johan receive GET in the Land of Sorrows Step 2 and GET the New Plague [59,52]",[7]" Surrender in important intelligence In NPC Executive Segard accepts GET's war with the Red Crusaders. Accept the GET Reward: Maggoeye from the ITEM wanted card is right behind him."},[8]" GET the death certificate from the NPC Undead Guard Burgess and GET the grave robber from the NPC Archon Severn."},[9]" Walk into the inn [62,53] and hand IN the Stalker's deal at the NPC Brigade Boss, Hearthstone is fixed in the Tiris process. Be sure to learn first aid NPC Nila.",[10]" Go to the basement of the inn, Complete Step 2 IN the Land of Sorrows IN which the NPC is captured by the Bloodlust Fanatic."},[11]" Return to the bridge [53,53] to kill Scourge 7ITEM[Rotten Paw].",[12]" Run back to the NPC Undead Guard Dilinger in [58,51] to hand in rotten Paw. You should be a level 7 now. Receive GET Mill in emergency.",[13]" Return to the Inn [62,53] Receive GET Haunted Mill from NPC Culleman Farcion, on the second floor, Receive the Chill of Death from NPC Grace Demar.",[14]" Run through the Pumpkin Farm to the tower at [32,47] to kill the NPC Red Warrior in order to DO war with the Red Crusaders, Kill NPC Nightcrawler Bat and NPC Dark Dog for 5ITEM[Nightcrawler Bat's fur] and 5ITEM[Dark Dog's blood].",[15]" When all is done, Hearthstone returns to Briar. Go outside to the trade supply, buy an ITEM[thick thread]. Run back to the inn and hand IN the Cold of Death."},[16]" Run outside, hand IN the death certificate,IN the war with the Red Crusaders Receive the war with the Red Crusaders Step 2, hand IN the new plague, Receive the new plague Step 2."},[17]" Run north [59,30] in order to DO the bounty: Maggot Eyes, along the way DO grave robbers and DO doomsday grass.",[18]" When that's all done, go to the beach [61,29], Kill NPC Fish Man until you have 5 items [scales of Evil Finned Fish Man].",[19]" Go back to NPC Junior Pharmacist Holland IN [58,50] to hand IN Doom grass.",[20]" Run back to Briar to hand in new plague to receive the new plague in Step 2 IN NPC pharmacist Johan [59,52]",[21]" paid IN bounty: Maggot-eyed in NPC executive Segard [61,52], and in tomb robber in NPC Consul Severen. Accept GET the duties of the Guard of the Dead and GET the wandering lich.",[22]" Go to the Tower [51,68] Kill 3NPC Blood Missionaries, 3NPC Blood Fanatics and NPC Captain Pyrian.",[23]" Go to the Agamand Mill [47,39], Kill NPC Devrin Agamand in order to DO the Haunted Mill.", [24]" Run back to NPC Executive Segard [61,52] in Briar, Surrender IN the War with the Red Crusade Step 2 Accept IN the War with the Red Crusade Step 3",[25]" Then go to NPC Coolman Fartheon IN the Brigade, surrender in the Haunted Mill to receive the Agamand Family "}, [26]" You should now be level 10, Learn new skills, accept your career assignments, but don't do them yet."


10-12 Tirisfarin ",[1]"10-12 Tirisfarin ",[2]" Go to the Agamand Mill [47,36] and kill NPC Broken Bone soldiers and NPC Dark-eyed Skeleton Mages, Pick up their ITEM[serrated ribs] and ITEM[charred skull].",[3]" If ITEM[letter to Yvette] falls, Pick up and accept GET's unsent letters."},[4]" Kill NPC Nisa Agamand [49,36],NPC Gregor Agamand [46,29] and NPC Salman Agamand [44,34], Pick up all their remains.",[5]" Run back to NPC Undead Guard Dillinger IN [58,51] Briar, and hand over I mill in distress ",[6]" run into the inn and hand over unsent letters in NPC Yvette Farcion." Give IN to the Agamand family at NPC Culleman Fartheon, receive GET to talk to Severon."},[7]" Give IN to talk to Severon at NPC Consul Severon [61,51], SKIP Skip Agamand Family.",[8]" Run to the Undercity. Do your class quest.",[9]" Weapon Master Learn weapon skills at [57,33].",[10]" Go to the Mage Zone NPC Peso Eshad [84,17] to surrender IN the wandering lich and accept the identity of the Lich.",[11]" Leave Undercity and go to [65,60]. IN the duties of guard of the Dead, Receive GET return to Severn and GET patrol the rear.",[12]" Go [75,61] kill 8NPC terrifying Blood zombies and 8NPC wandering ghosts for DO patrol the rear "[13]" Run north [80,56] kill 5NPC Blood Ascetic Monks and NPC Captain Vazon In order to DO the war with the Red Crusaders Step 3.",[14]" Go East [85,53] to kill NPC Evil Night Crawler spiders until you get 4ITEM[Evil Night Crawler spider venom].",[15]" Go to Lake Clear and swim to Gunther's dwelling place. Click ITEM[Guenther's book] at [68,42] pick up ITEM[Lich's spell book], then go back [65,60] and hand it IN to patrol the rear.",[16]" Enter the Undercity. Go to [84,17] surrender IN the identity of the lich to receive the return of the books.",[17]" Hearthstone returns to Briar.",[18]" Surrender IN the war with the Red Crusader Step 3 Accept GET in the war with the Red Crusader Step 4. Cross I


N New Plague Step 2 Receive the new plague Step 3 Give IN return to Severn. Go to the basement of the inn and hand IN the new plague Step 3."},[19]" Return to the residence of Guenther [68,42] and hand IN the return of the books and receive the proof of loyalty. Pick up the ITEM[lure candle] from the ITEM candle box.",[20]" South to the island [67,45] and use the candle to ITEM Lilith's table to summon the NPC Lilith Nefara. Kill and then go back to NPC Gunther Arcanus to hand over the mission and accept the lich's submission.",[21]" The Way to the Tower [79,26] Kill NPC Captain Merach and 2NPC Bloody Bodyguard IN order to DO Step 4 of the war with the Bloody Crusaders.",[22]" Back to Briar to hand in the war with the Bloody Crusaders, Then run to Undercity and surrender to the lich IN the Mage Zone [84,17].",[23]" You should now be level 12, learn skills."},[24]" Leave Undercity and run to the Airship Tower [61,59]. Fly to rema. ", [25] "ran to his rema [12] bird spot open [r]. 45 (", [26]" leave auge rema, south to razor hill. Accept GET horde recruits from NPC Taqrin Pathfinder [51,44]",[27]" to the west, to the Barren lands,[35,42].",


When Blizzard revealed the news of the nostalgia suit at Carnival 2017, the topic of when it would come online has been speculated in the player community. However, recently, Blizzard also finally borrowed the 15th anniversary of WOW officially announced: on August 27! Whether you're a high Lord with an artifact or a commander with a fortress, it doesn't matter now. At the thought of returning to that familiar map and reliving the old classics with your friends, you can't wait, right? So in this article, we take a look back at some of the most memorable novice villages.


Deathstroke opens its hazy eyes, and the first thing you see is a gray sky, and then a Wagri. You may have been a farmer in the neighborhood, or a Confederate soldier, but from the moment you climbed out of the coffin you realized that you had been resurrected and become the forgotten one


Deathstroke, as its name suggests, has a spooky, bleak atmosphere, but it's perfect for a novice village for the dead. Striding through town, you'll find the Brigade (though the dead don't sleep) and meet Lillian Voss as she talks about her transition from fear to acceptance of her undead identity.

Matters needing attention

Along the way, you'll find the Brigade (though the undead don't sleep), where you'll meet Lillian Voss and hear her transition from fear to acceptance of her undead identity.


The birthplace of the Undead is the town of Deathstroke in the woods of Tirisphal, once the seat of the human kingdom, but now occupied by the Undead, who do not much like humans, including dwarves.