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Wetland tourism guide

2018-02-27 11:12:00

There are many wetland parks, these wetland parks cover a very wide area, the environment is beautiful, suitable for the family to play together, the following is to introduce the wetland tourism strategy


Jinhewan wetland has built Jinhewan wetland Botanical Garden, the area is very large, there are an island, two beaches, three hills, four gardens and five pools and six continents, and not one by one, are each other, the inside environment is beautiful, suitable for family to play


Sun Island wetland is located in the Songhua River section of the beach island, Daduizi Beach island and dog island beach island comprehensive consolidation formed, is the Songhua River section of the largest floodplain wetland, is an ecological demonstration island, is a leisure play first-class scenic tourist resort, beautiful scenery is very suitable for weekend play, you can boating, barbecue and so on, play time of about a day


Wetland is the best place to enjoy the lotus harvest, visit the resort, like the wetland scene performance and the water camp performance of friends can go to watch, are in, browsing time is recommended for one to two days


Wetland is the best place for wetland picking, you can see the vast reeds, watch fishermen sing in the evening and you can experience the pastoral scenery, there are Catholic churches and other scenic spots, and you can take your children to participate in the picking festival or experience the farmhouse experience, you can stay there overnight at night, browsing time is about two days


The white fish bubble wetland, there were many springs in the past, and it did not freeze in winter, later due to sediment accumulation gradually became less, the bubble was gradually filled, now we see the white fish bubble wetland area has been very small, but recently began to recover the wetland, the area is gradually growing, is also worth seeing


Volga Manor, is a cultural mainly seen, and as the name indicates there are many classic Russian architecture, to experience the Russian style, enjoy foreign pastoral style, enjoy Russian dance, foreign restaurants, take a boat to visit the Volga River, the family experience foreign style is very good


The above are the wetland tourist attractions, are worth going to see, the scenery is very good, and suitable for family to play together

Matters needing attention

Be safe when you go out to play