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What are the advantages of Whiz wifi

2018-03-15 16:00:38

The Whizz wifi is a wireless marketing advertising router. The biggest advantage over traditional routers is the advertising push function. In addition, there are several advantages. 1. The smart platform of Swizz Wi-Fi Advertising Push supports users to change their passwords after login and actively log out, so that their accounts can be bound to the Swizz Wi-Fi box one by one, and the account can manage the Swizz Wi-Fi box remotely. The current agent platform also supports one account to control multiple boxes. 2. Swizz Wi-Fi Advertising Push Intelligent platform supports viewing the online information and status of the current user who accesses the Internet through SOSOWIFI box. 3. Swizz Wi-Fi advertising Push intelligent platform has developed several sets of advertising templates for merchants to choose in advance. Users can select the template for authentication page push, upload, edit and delete the pushed products, and the editing content includes pictures, text introduction, price, etc. Users can check whether all products pass the authentication page push and preview the effect online. It's very convenient. 4. Swizz Wi-Fi Advertising Push intelligent platform supports the function of tracing the map of the location of the SOSOWIFI box. The door address after tracing will appear in the authentication push page, and the basic information of the door can be edited online, such as the name, mode, and introduction of the door.