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What if white sneakers get mud

2018-05-14 06:24:48

Sports shoes, especially white sports shoes, are widely loved by young people. But when you put it on, it got mud on it, and it was a prick! How do you get rid of the mud? I hope my advice can help you!


Remove mud from the soles with a shoe brush. Do not use water all at once, otherwise, it will pollute a larger area. It can be operated with a toothbrush for greater accuracy.


Remove mud from the surface of your shoes with a clean cloth (or toilet paper). Be sure to operate with care, random wiping may get to the place that does not touch, expand the area.


Wet the area with dirt and apply toothpaste. Don't soak it all, or it will also expand the area. Rub on the toothpaste and leave it on for about ten minutes. The cleaning power of toothpaste is still good, you can try toothpaste with whitening effect.


Brush your shoes with a toothbrush. Don't worry, even leather shoes, as long as the quality passes, one or two encounters with water will not be broken. Brush shoes with toothpaste repeatedly.


Turn on the tap and run it for a few minutes (plenty of water). A large flow of water is good for removing mud stains. Take longer to flush the key areas.


Brush again with soap, laundry detergent, etc. This repeated brush, mud stains will basically be completely eliminated. Don't worry if there's still a trace. It's just more obvious when it's wet, but not when it's dry.


Dry shoes by wrapping them in toilet paper. Toilet paper will re-absorb mud stains on shoes, and will prevent shoes from yellowing.