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What is the name of Leng Ting's time-travel novel

2018-03-13 08:00:50

The main character is cold reading, the name of the novel for years is called "Beautiful girl happy Nongmen". Also known as "The joy of the farm gate: Beautiful baby little girl" is the latest creation of June clove, rich plot, moving heart, the novel tells the story of the male protagonist cold reading. Cold reading the name of the year is beautiful beautiful girl happy farm gate, the author is June cloves, this is a very popular ancient through love, also known as the joy of farm gate: beautiful baby little beautiful girl. As a modern single dog cold reading, did not expect a crossing to ancient times actually took two strides directly forward, not only Xianggong has, even children have. Cold reading is still very satisfied with the ancient life, although poor, but is a very warm family, as long as she gets rid of poverty and rich is good cold reading spent two days, only slowly accepted from the modern through the ancient this stem. Others are through the princess, miss, big boos, she opened her eyes on two small glutinous rice ball called her mother.