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What is the story of the Bach Old Testament

2018-05-14 12:48:16

It tells the love story of the students in the music college. Wang Sulong Silence, who studied classical composition since childhood, has always regarded Bach as his idol in classical composition. The song Bach Old Testament tells the story of student love in a music college through Bach's experience. Whether it's the addition of sopranos, or the interlude of Bach's famous music. We can't help but marvel at his musical talent. Black and white keys can not play the memory wants to hide Bach music into the sea. Bach: Bach, German composer, performer, representative of the European Baroque period. With the great development of literary and artistic music, he is known as the originator of European classical music with rich music creation, and is honored as the "father of music" by many people with far-reaching historical influence. In his more than 500 works, most of them reflect the awakened spirit of the common people and pious and simple religious feelings with religious themes. His works covered all musical genres of the time. The greatness of Bach's works is not only reflected in the fact that he laid the formal foundation for the development of symphonic music, highly developed harmonic means, and pushed polyphonic thinking and counterpoint techniques to the peak of perfection. The long-term vitality of Bach's music is rooted in the national style of German real life. The Bach family has 52 musicians in nearly three hundred years in the 19th century, which is a rare "musical family" in the history of music.